Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mount – 2022 Picks

Shopping for a rifle scope and accompanying scope mount can be one of the most challenging tasks. There are so many options out there. Finding the right one for your vintage Mosin Nagant rifle can be difficult.

Purchasing a scope mount with the right features and components is essential. This idea is especially crucial when you’re looking to add a scope to your historic Russian rifle.

Read reviews of our top Mosin Nagant scope mounts on the market today.

  • Best overall
  • Built from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 12 steel bolts for better torque
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  • Best value for the money
  • One of the cheapest mounts available
  • Picatinny adapter increases scope options
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  • Best Mosin Nagant 91 30 scope mount
  • Designed to fit Russian Mosin Nagant rifles
  • Useful to install a high-quality scope
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  • Best UTG Mosin Nagant scope mount
  • Extended top rail for different scope positions
  • Two removal side rails and 12 slots to attach other accessories
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When Would I Use a Mosin Nagant Scope Mount?

The Mosin Nagant rifle is a historic war gun used by Russian troops in World War II and earlier. Today, many who own these rifles use them for hunting or recreational shooting.

If you want to take your Mosin Nagant to the next level, a scope can provide significant enhancements.

Modernize the Mosin Nagant

It’s no secret that the Mosin Nagant’s design is over 100 years old. Adding a scope mount will allow you to modernize the rifle and add a new feature to an old gun.

Magnify Targets While Hunting

Adding a scope mount to any rifle will increase hunting capabilities. Most importantly, it will magnify distant targets. You can keep your distance while staying quiet. Silently track your target with the scope, increasing your ability to aim and shoot.

Target magnification also helps with accuracy. Precision helps so that you don’t hit something you’re not aiming for. The visual markers on a scope also help with more precise shooting.

Precision is vital, whether you’re target shooting or hunting.

Increase Ability to Shoot in Low Light

Hunting with a scope helps you shoot in low lighting. A scope reduces light and enables you to see brighter objects.

Hunting with a scope on your rifle makes it easy to hunt bigger animals in the morning and evening. This time of day is when light is low, and the whites of the animals’ eyes are bright.

How do I Choose a Mosin Nagant Scope Mount?

There are several things to look out for when deciding on your Mosin Nagant rifle’s perfect scope mount.

Strong and Durable Materials

A scope’s material composition is one of the essential features of any rifle. The material should be heavy-duty and reliable considering durability and impact absorption.

Aluminum and steel are two of the best scope mount materials. They last long and absorb shock while shooting.

Protective Features

A reliable scope mount will protect the rifle and scope while in use. The mount won’t budge, keeping everything in place and working correctly.

The mount should help keep the scope in place at all times, whether while you’re shooting or when it’s locked in a safe. There shouldn’t be any slipping whatsoever.

Also, the mount should protect the zeroing settings from the shock when the gun goes off. Zero settings help enhance your accuracy, and you don’t want those thrown off.

Easy to Mount

A Mosin Nagant scope mount needs to be easy to mount. It’s more challenging to install a mount on a Mosin Nagant than on other rifles.

The Russian rifles have a straight pin bolt, designed to help the shooter fire at high speed.

The straight pin doesn’t work with receiver-mounted scopes. You need a scope mount that you can install on your own.

Review of the Best Mosin Nagant Scope Mount

We’ve outlined why you would need a scope mount and what to look for in a good product. Finally, here are our favorite Mosin Nagant scope mounts on the market.

Top Pick

Monstrum Offset Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount

Monstrum Offset Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount | 1 inch Diameter | Black




The Monstrum Offset Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount is our top pick for the Mosin Nagant rifle.

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love how easy it is to screw this mount onto a Picatinny rail rifle. Some reported stripped screws while mounting. But most found the mount stays put while shooting. 

While the screws loosen after several times shooting, it’s easy to tighten them.

Buyers found this to be one of the best affordable scopes. Many reported buying much more expensive mounts that didn’t work as well as this one.

Why It Stands Out to Us

We love this scope mount because you get the best bang for your buck. It’s made of the best materials – aluminum base and steel screws – to lock in place and last long.

Those materials also make it a lightweight option. They also provide the best in shock absorption and protection.

The Monstrum Offset Cantilever scope mount comes with 12 steel Torx bolts. The bolts help decrease the chance of stripping during installation.

This Monstrum scope mount features two inches of forwarding extension. The extension gives much-needed eye relief and optimal shooting positioning.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can replace anything on the mount should it break.

Bottom Line

The Monstrum mount is our favorite scope mount for Mosin Nagant rifles. The mount is composed of aluminum and steel – built to last. The torque bolts help you install the mount with ease.

Best Budget Option

BESTSUN Dovetail Weaver Picatinny Rail Adapter Extend 11mm to 20mm Tactical Scope Mount

BESTSUN Dovetail Weaver Picatinny Rails Adapter Extend 11mm to 20mm Tactical Scope Mount




The BESTSUN Dovetail Weaver mount is our favorite budget option.

What Recent Buyers Report

This adapter mount lets you turn dovetail rails into Picatinny. With Picatinny rails, you can expand the sorts of scopes you can install.

Buyers enjoy the ability to have better options for scopes with a Picatinny adapter.

But many buyers reported that the aluminum alloy is not the best quality. Yet, the mount was still worth the very affordable price.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This is one of the cheapest scope mounts you can find if you’re on a budget. If your rifle has a dovetail rail, you can use the BESTSUN adapter mount to increase your scope options. High-quality scopes allow for better precision and magnified targeting.

The aluminum alloy material is not the best available, but it’s still durable and lasts long. It’s even useful to mount good scopes on a pellet gun!

Bottom Line

The BESTSUN Dovetail adapter scope mount is one of the cheapest for Mosin Nagant rifles. While you have to buy screws to install it, the adapter will allow you to install various scopes. This includes high tactical products with fantastic features.

Best Mosin Nagant 91 30 Scope Mount

PM Scout Scope Mount

PM Mosin Nagant M44 & M 38 Rifle Scout Scope Mount




The Brass Stacker scope mount is the best mount for the Mosin Nagant 91 30 rifles.

What Recent Buyers Report

Mosin Nagant rifle owners love this scope mount. It was designed to fit the Russian rifle to fit short-range scopes with red dot precision.

Still, buyers reported that the scope mount wouldn’t fit the Finnish model of the Mosin Nagant.

Buyers agreed that the mount was long-lasting and protected the zero settings. Some reported knocked out settings only if they dropped the rifle.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Like buyers, we love that this mount is tailored for Mosin Nagant rifles. It has the perfect fit and is easy to attach to the gun, making it simple to add your favorite scope.

The mount doesn’t work great for long-range scopes. But you’ll have a great time using this mount for short-range, red dot scopes.

The mount is sturdy and durable. It fits tightly onto the rifle and will not budge, absorbing all the shock during retaliation.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best Mosin Nagant scope mounts, especially if you plan only to use short-range scopes. But if you plan to use long-range scopes, you might consider going with another mount, like scope mounts for M1A long-range rifles.

Best UTG Mosin Nagant Scope Mount

Leapers UTG Tactical Mosin Nagant Tri-Rail Mount





The Leapers Tri-Rail mount is the best UTG Mosin Nagant scope mount.

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love this scope for all sorts of uses. It’s easy to install and only takes about 15 minutes to mount on your rifle. Still, some buyers noticed that the screws strip easily. So, take caution while installing and don’t put a lot of pressure on the screws.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This heavy-duty scope mount is long-lasting and shock-absorbent. The company made this mount to fit the Mosin Nagant rifle. The Leapers Tri-Rail mount includes removal side rails and adapters. These features are great if you want to add other attachments. 

You can customize your shooting experience in various ways! If you’re not a fan of the side rails, you can easily remove them. 

You don’t have to change the gun to install this mount. Still, be sure to take caution when screwing in the bolts.

Bottom Line

The Leapers Tri-Rail scope mount is the best for UTG Mosin Nagant rifles. It’s durable and fits perfectly on vintage Russian guns. The best part is that it’s customizable to add features or remove elements you’re not using.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Mosin Nagant Scope Mount

Investing in a high-quality scope mount for your Mosin Nagant has many advantages. These are the top few reasons to consider one of the above top-notch scope mounts:

Customized Mounts for Mosin Nagants

Mosin Nagant is a vintage gun that wasn’t designed to fit a scope. Each of the above mounts will fit a Mosin Nagant rifle. YOu don’t need a gunsmith to install them. Then, you can add a high-quality scope and increase your shooting capabilities.

Modernize Your Rifle for Target Shooting

If you plan to use your Mosin Nagant rifle for more than long-range shooting, a quality scope mount will help. The mounts mentioned above are some of the most durable available. They are the best that fit perfectly on the Russian gun.

Durability is Key

A high-quality scope mount is durable, one of the most important aspects of any gun scope mount. You want something made of strong material that lasts long. Also, a good scope won’t mess with your scope’s zero settings.


A Mosin Nagant scope mount needs to be durable and should easily install onto the rifle’s top. Aluminum and steel are two of the best materials for mounts. Customize your mount to add features, or place it in a position with the best eye relief. The scope mounts we mentioned above are the best and most affordable for Mosin Nagant rifles.

People Also Ask

So, you’ve decided on a scope mount for your rifle and are ready to install it! When investing in your high-quality scope mount, consider the following questions.

How Far Back Should a Scope be Mounted?

Scoping a mount and how far back you want it very much depends on your preferences and eye relief needs. The scope should be in a neutral position. When mounting the scope, don’t fully tighten the screws. Then, you can slide it back and forth, testing out your vision.

What is the Effective Range of a Mosin Nagant?

Mosin Nagant rifles were manufactured 100 years ago. But they were made for long-range shooting. The Russian military preferred the gun.

Today, many use it for long-range hunting targets, even using scopes for precision. Even without a scope, the Mosin Nagant’s effective range is 500 meters or 550 yards.

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