Best Single Stage Reloading Press For Accuracy

Yes, looking for the best single stage reloading press for accuracy is obvious. After all, we don’t like wasting our time and effort with an inaccurate machine anymore. Right?

best single stage press for accuracyIn this wordy piece, we have somewhat enumerated five of the top single stage reloading presses that will aid in your accuracy concerns.

Based on our findings and user feedbacks, RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press seems the best choice you can make. It’s well enough to handle heavy-duty usage for quite a long time.

However, we strongly recommend checking other picks we reviewed too. These choices will also make your reloading tasks easier, and help you decide a winning purchase for the money.

Furthermore, what makes the good press and how to choose the best one are explained in the buying guide here.

Scroll down and take a look at what we have found out.


Top 5 Best Single Stage Reloading Press for Accuracy

Here are the best picks when it comes to the best beginner reloading press. Not to forget, better accuracy is a must for new reloaders than experienced ones. Each product has the advantages you can apply in everyday usage, so your reloading process can be more straightforward.


#1. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press : Our best pick

Rcbs rock chucker supreme pressIn this case, we have the best press you can find at the moment. Not only the construction is proper here, but also the handling is convenient. You can use this single stage press for hunting reloading because the press provides good advantages.

High-quality materials and a handle made of solid steel are the characteristics that matter here. In addition, you have a ram-bearing surface that rigidly supports the one-inch diameter main ram. It is a feature that most presses cannot provide, especially because of sleek quality that is needed here.

With this Bushnell product, you get it all. A quality surface and outstanding versatility are here to provide an easy usage. Whenever you need good reloading, go for this most accurate single stage reloading press. You’ll get the most effective solution for bullet reloading, especially if you use the press more often.

Another positive characteristic is a handle construction. It features a very convenient ball-type handle grip, so you can easily press the handle for the best results. The press is made to provide long-lasting quality, especially in heavy-duty application.

You can easily reload numerous rounds, while still maintaining the highest accuracy. This is possible thanks to great built-in materials. Most users agree about one thing here. The press is ideal for beginners who use the single stage press for the first time.

The usage is straightforward, and all you have to do is placing the round, putting the charge and pressing. As a result, you have a perfectly reloaded bullet that is ready for future use. This way, you can reload many bullets in a matter of a few moments.


  • A very comfortable handle grip
  • Can be upgraded to a progressive loader
  • Effective for heavy-duty reloading


  • The control of the ram could be better



#2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Ammo Reloading Press

Hornady lock n load pressWith this Lock-N-Load system, you can be sure that you get the highest quality. Manufacturers from Hornady tried their best to achieve the most visible functionality of the press. And thankfully, they made it possible.

With this single stage reloading press, you get more than you need. You receive complete accuracy and achievable functionality. This press allows you to use the system very smoothly, thanks to Lock-N-Load ability that completely changed the way we use these products.

You can finally use your press with complete easiness and outstanding precision. Each bullet will be reloaded in a matter of seconds. Hornady also provides us with Power-Pac Linkage that is convenient in everyday usage.

The linkage is more accurate than other systems in this price range, especially if we consider the competing products. No other press provides this kind of functionality. For all these, Hornady press represents a real example of quality on today’s market.

Besides Lock-N-Load option and Power-Pac Linkage, you also get the easy handling and precise loading advantages. Each press is equipped with a grip handle that can be used numerous times while keeping the same precision as the first time.

Solid steel arms are designed in a way to keep the longevity of the press, especially in times when you reload numerous rounds at once. Single reloading is much more convenient, and you can spend more time doing something else, besides reloading.

Some users spoke about its Positive Priming System that ensures inserting primers without the need to raise the handle. The complete process is done at the bottom of the stroke, and you can do it all with one single movement.


  • Easy grip handle for better handling
  • Power-Pac Linkage
  • Bushing system is elevated with Lock-N-Load functionality


  • The edge of the bushing needs improvements


#3. LEE PRECISION  Classic Cast Press (Red)

Lee precision classic cast pressAre you looking for the press with the largest opening in the industry? Well, you get it right here. The Lee Precision press is designed to be the best single stage reloading press for rifle and the one with the longest stroke. You can easily handle it with the least travel of the press.

This functionality ensures better precision and less force. The classic cast press is also well-known for some additional functions. Its handle length is entirely adjustable here, and you can easily move it from one side to another, depending on which hand you use.

The device is convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users since the handle is utterly versatile. It is mainly designed for large Series 1 1/4-12 dies where you can finally get rid of tiny guides and springs. The original cast is made to support larger variants. This is one of the best characteristics of the press.

In addition, you get some exceptional materials that are used in its production. The cast iron “O” frame is made from a rigid construction that can endure many uses. In this case, the powerful construction comes with a visible accuracy, so each pressing gives a desirable result.

Along with movable handle that you can move left or right, you can also shorten it when you load handgun and rifle cases. This is especially convenient for certain rifle cases that require short loading in a fast manner. With this handle, the loading is more natural and it ensures a complete functionality.

Interestingly, no other single stage reloading press provides this combination of characteristics. This is a reason why you may consider it next time while buying a good press. When you put all the positive sides on a paper, all these features make a quality that is quite exceptional.


  • Completely adjustable handle
  • Frame design made of cast iron
  • Powerful steel compound linkage



  • Dies should be better placed during the pressing


#4. RCBS Summit Single Stage Reloading Press

Rcbs summit single stage pressSo many positive reviews are made for this product. Many say this is the best single stage reloading press for precision and the reasons are numerous here. All the way from high-quality materials to the massive 2-inch diameter ram, we can say this press is really worth a look.

What makes it special is visible from the first use. You can quickly crank out precision rounds, all with the help of the prefect tool. Rounds are perfectly placed in the right position, and each pressing is well made. When you need additional precision, there is the reloading die that comes down to the case.

Another advantage is an all-steel linkage that provides better stability and ruggedness to the whole process. It is especially important to have this kind of linkage, because more linkage potential is always a good solution for all reloaders. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced reloader, these characteristics will be quite helpful.

The press is super compact and is easy to set it up. With a few simple steps, you can make each reloading easier. Its durable frame and easy-to-use handle are made to provide excellent efficiency. You can finally reload as many bullets as you want. With this single stage press, the process is much easier.

Full-length sizing is good for most users who need this kind of feature. It comes with enough leverage to meet most requirements. Quality loading potential provides better results, and each reloading is simpler when you have this kind of press. Massive construction and quality reloading are the main things you get here.


  • Handle operation with compound leverage
  • Heavy 2-inch diameter ram
  • Complete frontal access


  • Too heavy for some users



#5. Lee Reloading Press Md: 90045

Lee precision pressThe press accepts most standard 7/8 x14 thread dies, and the options go far away from this point. Lee reloading press is not only a good option when it comes to reloading. It is also good for overall reloading routine when you need an additional press, along with the primary one.

Most users combine this press with other products on the market, and the results are always as expected. You can get perfectly loaded bullets. It is all possible thanks to the good construction of this press, where the additional characteristics come to light.

The primer system is very useful here, as the main primer can be put in the initial process of loading. We get a more effective process, where the primers can be easily cleaned out. This Lee press is ideal for light duty work when you need to load smaller quantity of bullets in a short span of time.

However, the model is not recommended for prolonged usage, and that is why the press is ideal to be a side press. Most first-time users will find it exceptionally helpful. Each time when you need fast reloading, give a chance to this press. The process is easier than you think, and the results are visible every time.

The handle is simple to manage, and the proven system ensures better handling. It is made of high-quality materials that prolong the usage over the time. Steel and quality iron details are there to give you a more secure choice.

The bench is using C clamps, and you should make sure that you make a necessary gap between the piston of the press and the front of the bench. A long enough gap will make the pressing easier. Therefore, ensure the safety distance.


  • Quality built-in materials
  • Easy-to-manage handle
  • Very useful for first-time users


  • Sometimes the primers drop too heavy into the back base of the press



Factors To Consider While Buying The Most Accurate Single Stage Press

When you look out to grab the single stage press for accuracy, you must pay attention to few things. So, here are the most relevant factors you must consider if you want to arm both efficiency and easiness of usage.

A Quality Ram

Look for steel and iron-based rams that are heavy enough to complete the reloading process. At the same time, you must consider your power effect, because the rams can be too heavy for beginners.

Search for the adequate rams that are built strong, and quality enough to maintain the reloading. Some manufacturers provide good rams for beginners so that you can choose those in the initial phase.


Not all the handles are quality enough. You can find different single stage reloading presses that operate on specific mechanisms, and, in most cases, their handle is heavy to manage.

Therefore, look for handles that can be shortened, especially if you need more adequate grip. At the same time, some handles are based on both left-handed and right-handed usage, so most users can find it manageable.


In single stage presses, the primers play a very significant role. Primers are used to catch the tray in a convenient way, and that is the quality of the effective primers.

The special primer tube is designed to hold the primer in the right position, so each reloading is quality enough. Along with primers, pay attention to the primer tube and check if everything is designed well.

Rounds Per Hour

In most situations, the presses can deliver 100 rounds per hour, and that is reserved for the quality presses. Search for those that can deliver at least 100 rounds per hour, as it is the best choice you can make.

Some presses are not designed for this kind of productivity, and these are the best for slow usage that is more convenient for the first-time users. On additional stages, the presses with more rounds per hour are adequate for more prolific users who need many rounds in the reloading process.

A Resizing Die

The presses are usually fitted with a decapping/resizing die. It is very important because, sometimes, the cases that are reloaded need additional resizing in order to fit the press.

For that purpose, we need a resizing die that is effective enough to deliver the most effective reloading result. Look for presses with this kind of dies and get the most convenient pressing.


How to Use a Single Stage Press

A single stage press is best for a small number of rounds, and we need to adequately use the press if we want the best reloading. Here are the steps you should consider when using a single stage press.

  • Put The Primer

Use the primer arm to insert the primer and make sure that you use good equipment here. Take your safety glasses and insert the primer into the right position.

  • Place The Cases

Take a case, put it in a holder, and complete the downstroke on the press. The primer will be stuck in the place as you apply a little force. Flare the base of the case so that it can accept the bullet. Leverage the primer and move to the next step.

  • Charge The Funnel And Flare The Case

Pour the adequate charge through the funnel placed on top of the die. Hold the press down and remove the case.

You’ll see the mouth of the case flared and that is all you need to do to get the primed and charged case. It is all done in one single movement, and that’s the power of a single stage press.



Frequently Asked Questions

Among the many queries spread around the internet, here we tried to pull out answers for a few. For the rests answered, a google search will help.

How much force do I need to use to prime the case?

It is essential to use little force when pressing the primer inside the case. If you use too much force, the primer will go deep into the case, and the effectiveness of the charging won’t be right. Use little force and get the right feeling through the practice.

What charging is best to use?

The right charging depends on the type of bullets you use. Some kinds of charging are not suitable for some instances, and that is why you need to search for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Go for the type of charging that corresponds to your bullets’ manufacturer.

Is it safe to use long handles?

Some producers make very long handles that are suitable for experienced users. It is good to use more extended handles if you are proficient in reloading. In any other case, use presses with medium sized handles.

How to make sure that I got the right single stage press?

Look for all characteristics when you buy a single stage press. Easiness of usage will be vital if you are a first-time buyer, while the effectiveness of many rounds per hour will be relevant if you’ve been experienced for some time.

Do I need additional equipment?

Yes, you need a funnel that usually does not come with the press. At the same time, you’ll need adequate charge and primers, so make sure that you got them all before reloading.




As you can see, the best single stage reloading press for accuracy makes your reloading tasks more straightforward and easy. This gets even better when you know the right methods.

Follow proper guidelines and instructions while buying the using reloading. But first, check on the items we showed you here so that each reloading process can be ideal for the right machine in the first place.

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