Best M1A Scope Mount – 2022 Picks

The M1A is a popular long-range rifle, but like all rifles in its range, you need a great scope to get the most from it unless you really want to practice with iron sights. Scope mounts determine which scopes you can use, so getting the best M1A scope mount for your needs is technically critical to maximizing your rifle’s performance. A weak scope mount could ruin your scope. Here are our top choices, as well as some other buying information.

  • Best overall
  • Available in several different finishes
  • A military-tested product, which is relatively rare
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  • An official accessory from Springfield Armory
  • Has a split rail to reduce the weight
  • The result of several generations of development
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  • Best value for the money
  • Significantly more affordable than any other option on this list
  • Has a single rail from front to back
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  • Has a single-rail design
  • More affordable than most scope mounts
  • Has a low-profile design
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Are M1A Scope Mounts Universal?

No. M1A scope mounts vary in design, which isn’t the case for all weapons. Most M1A scope mounts feature one of two standard designs outside of specialist products for high-end scopes: Weaver or Picatinny.

Picatinny is a military-grade standard, and many people prefer it because it has even spacing along the entire length of the rail. This makes it significantly easier to mount multiple accessories at predictable intervals on the top of the rail, so we recommend it for most buyers.

Weaver rails are an older, commercial variant. These can have varying numbers or spacing for mounting points, which makes them noticeably harder to use.

Most scopes with Weaver connection rings can fit on Picatinny mounts, and vice versa, but the differences mean that manufacturers can’t entirely guarantee this. It’s always better to get a scope that matches your mount.

What to Look For When Buying An M1A Scope Mount

Here are some things to consider when buying a scope mount.

Rail Placement

Most scope mounts have one of three common designs for rail placements:

  • A single rail from front to back
  • Two rail segments with a solid block in the middle
  • Two rail segments with a gap in the middle

Scope mounts with a gap are lighter because they don’t have as much mass, and that can matter when you’re carrying a gun for extended periods. Rails with solid blocks tend to be heavier and absorb recoil better. Finally, rails that go the entire length of the scope mount are the most flexible.

There’s no universally correct answer here, just whatever fits the way you want to mount accessories on your rifle.

Build Quality

Some manufacturers are distinctly better than others. Springfield Armory is a particularly good choice for M1A scope mounts because they make the M1A itself, but other manufacturers can also produce high-quality parts.

Consistency is the key here. It’s difficult to tell build quality just by looking at images online, so evaluate reviews from customers to understand the build quality.

See-Through Functionality

A see-through scope isn’t useful for long-range shots, which M1A rifles specialize in. However, they do work well as an emergency option for shooting at less than 50 yards. This option isn’t a priority, but it’s a nice extra to have in rare circumstances.

Review of the Best M1A Scope Mounts

Here are our top choices for M1A scope mounts.

Top Pick

SADLAK M1A Scope Mount



What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love this mount. Several comments indicate that the scope has everything you need to install it, and owners agree that it’s a particularly solid and reliable choice. The only genuinely negative thing we saw a buyer report had to do with the packaging and shipping, not the mount itself. That’s real praise from enthusiasts.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This scope stands out to us because of its military-tested quality. Soldiers don’t mess around when it comes to their weapons, so coordinating with the army to test this part helped work out most of the manufacturing problems.

We also like the full-length rail of this item, which is better than the split rails we’ve seen on other products. Full-length rails are significantly more flexible for mounting accessories, and that matters for a high-end mount.

Bottom Line

SADLAK’s M1A scope mount is the one to beat if you own an M1A. It’s solid, reliable, and even available in several variants, so you can adjust the weight to your personal preferences. Look at this scope mount first, and consider the others only if there’s an issue with getting this one.

Runner Up

Springfield Armory MA4GENAM Aluminum Scope Mount



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers like this mount almost as much as the SADLAK above, which isn’t a particular surprise. What sticks out to most people is the lightweight nature of this mount, compared to steel mounts from the same manufacturer.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The primary thing that stands out about this product is the fact that it’s an official accessory. Springfield Armory manufactures the M1A, and this fourth-generation scope mount is the result of many years of experience with the specific needs of that rifle. It’s hard to get more trustworthy than an official product.

The other thing that stands out is the low weight. This is a lightweight scope mount, which makes it ideal if you bought a hefty scope and want to adjust your rifle’s weight back down again.

Bottom Line

The only reason this isn’t our top choice is the fact that it has a split rail on top, rather than a single solid piece. It’s practically impossible to go wrong when you get an official scope mount, so this is a perfect backup option if the SADLAK isn’t available.

Best Budget Option

Leapers New Gen. 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers like the low cost of this scope, which is its primary selling point. It’s also comfortably light, which is part of its cost-saving production strategy. However, some buyers also report that it doesn’t fit on all M1A rifles or with some other accessories, which is a serious issue.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This product stands out mainly because it’s so affordable. This mount is literally a fraction of the price of most other options on this list. Also, while some buyers report that it doesn’t fit, that’s only some buyers. Plenty of other buyers report that it works just fine.

Bottom Line

This scope mount isn’t as compatible as an official Springfield Armory accessory or something from SADLAK. However, it’s far more affordable than either of those options. Consider this scope mount if you want to save money, but keep in mind that you may need to return it if your other parts don’t fit.

M1SURPLUS Scope Mount

M1SURPLUS Scope Mount Rail - Low Profile Design - Durable Aluminum Material - Fits Springfield M1A Rifles



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers agree that when this scope works, it works well. However, it’s also harder to install than many other scope mounts, which means you shouldn’t try this yourself unless you’re already an expert.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This scope stands out as an excellent middle-ground option. Our first two choices on this list focus on quality, while the third choice focuses on affordability. This scope is a mid-point between those options.

That said, the harder installation is a significant drawback. This scope mount takes far more work than many of its competitors, and the manufacturer isn’t joking when they recommend asking a professional gunsmith to do it for you. That will raise the real price of this scope mount, possibly to the point you’re better off getting a better mount instead.

Bottom Line

This scope mount doesn’t win on quality or affordability, but it’s an excellent mount once you install it correctly. That said, given the extra filling and fitting required, we only recommend this to experienced buyers or those willing to hire a gunsmith.

Advantages Of Investing In A Quality M1A Scope Mount

The main reason to invest in a quality M1A scope mount is improving the accuracy of your shots. You can get the best scope in the world, but if the mount doesn’t hold that scope well, you won’t get anywhere near the level of performance you should be getting for your money. Here are some other things to consider.

Scope Mounts Are The Weakest Link

Most new gun owners overlook the importance of scope mounts. Instead, they focus on the rifle and the scope. Scope mounts are the weak point in a rifle’s setup, and improper installation can lead to wasted ammo, reduced performance, and other problems. A high-quality scope mount neatly averts this problem.

Great Scope Mounts Improve Compatibility

High-quality mounts are also compatible with a wide array of scopes and other accessories. This gives you added flexibility for installing other parts and customizing your rifle to the exact way you want to use it.

Quality Scopes Save Money

Every bullet you fire costs money, so if you have to shoot a lot of extra bullets to sight in your new scope, that’s eating into the money you save by getting a more affordable mount. Quality scopes make it much faster and much easier to maximize the value of your investment.


Getting the right mount for your M1A requires balancing the quality, price, and ease of installation. We recommend focusing on quality, especially if you want to use your gun regularly. SADLAK and official Springfield Armory mounts are the best options by that measurement. Any other scope mounts are backup options in case you can’t get one of those.

People Also Ask

Here are some of the most common questions people have about the best M1A scope mount options.

Can You Mount A Scope On An M1A?

Not by itself; you need a scope mount if you want to attach a scope to your M1A. Also, you should mount a scope on them because that’s the only way to get accurate shots at long ranges.

What Is The Best Scope Mount For A M1A?

We think the SADLAK M1A Scope Mount is the best choice. See our review above for a full explanation of why, as well as some high-quality alternatives.

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