Best Night Sights for Glock 43 – 2022 Review

The Glock 43 is a popular handgun for home defense and concealed-carry due to its slim and compact design. It’s easy to upgrade this firearm with a few accessories, including a night sight to improve visibility, speed, and accuracy in low-light conditions.

Read on to learn more about the best night sights for Glock 43 and some tips on what to consider to select a quality night sight.

  • Best overall
  • Different heights available for the front sight
  • Easy to install
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  • Best Trijicon night sights for Glock 43
  • Slim front sight design
  • Durable aluminum body
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  • Best value for the money
  • Sturdy design
  • Tall sights improve target acquisition speed
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  • Versatile thanks to the mix of tritium and fiber optics
  • Bright orange outline
  • Sturdy metal construction
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  • Design prevents snags
  • Fast alignment once you get used to the sight
  • Easy to install
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What Is Night Sights for Glock 43 and What Is it Used For?

The stock sight that comes with most Glock 43 handguns has some limitations. It uses white paint to help you aim, but it doesn’t provide good visibility in the dark.

Installing a night sight on your handgun is a simple upgrade that makes a huge difference. You’ll get a rear sight with two bright lamps, and a front sight with a single lamp. The front sight usually features a different color or a bright outer ring so you can differentiate it from the rear sight at a glance.

All you have to do is align the front sight with the two rear sight lamps. A night sight can help you aim in low-light situations, help you acquire your target faster, and give you more accuracy, even at a longer distance.

Are All Night Sights for Glock 43 the Same?

No. You will find some variations in terms of color, size, and brightness between different lamps. Tritium lamps are standard on night sights because optic fiber sights don’t do well in low-light conditions.

You will also find that the design of the rear sight can vary. Most night sights feature a U-shaped indentation between the two lamps, but you can find rear sights that use a ring design.

What to Look for When Buying a Night Sight for Glock 43?

The following features will help you select the best night sights for Glock 43.

Color and Brightness

A quality night sight will feature tritium lamps that emit a bright glow. Stay away from budget options that won’t deliver the same glow.

Color is an important consideration. Green is a common option because this color is in the middle of the visible light spectrum and you can spot it easily in a wide range of conditions. Look for a feature that creates a noticeable contrast between the front and rear lamps, such as a different color or a ring around the front sight lamp.

Height and Width

If you use your Glock 43 for home defense or as a conceal-carry weapon, you understand the importance of being able to draw quickly. Night sights should have a low profile to reduce the risks of snagging your gun on your clothes when you draw it.


Night sights with a sturdy design will last longer. Remember that this accessory sits on top of the barrel and can sustain shocks.

Look for an accessory that uses steel, aluminum, or another durable material to protect the tritium lamps from shocks.

Reviews of the Best Night Sights for Glock 43

We’ve selected some of the best night sights for Glock 43. These products come from manufacturers who consistently deliver high-quality products.

Top Pick

Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Glock Handguns and Pistols



What Recent Buyers Report

People love this durable night sight. They say it delivers an excellent glow for low-light situations and feel that the installation process was easy. A few reviewers ran into problems with stripped screws, but overall shoppers are happy with this purchase.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The low profile of this black metal sight is ideal for concealed-carry applications. You can install it easily, and the green tritium lamps will instantly draw your eye.

You can choose between different heights for the front blade. You can opt for a taller front sight to acquire your target faster, or go with a low-profile front sight for a more compact design that would be ideal for conceal-carry.

You can go wrong with this accessory. It’s sturdy, durable, and does everything you would expect from a night sight. 

Bottom Line

This night sight is a great mix of quality and value. It’s an affordable way to upgrade your Glock 43, and being able to choose the height of the front sight is a plus.

Best Trijicon Night Sights for Glock 43

Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set



What Recent Buyers Report

This accessory has received a lot of positive reviews. People say the slim design of the front sight improves their range. Many reviewers praise the product for the quality of its construction.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This night sight stands out because it features a thin front sight. Installing a thin front sight improves your field of view and prevents the front sight from covering your target.

You’ll find a durable aluminum body that houses the tritium lamps, and silicone rubber cushions that absorb shocks and vibrations. It’s an interesting feature because these cushions can prevent the sight from shifting due to recoil.

The rear sights come with green lamps with a black outline, and you can choose between an orange and yellow outline for the green front lamp. This contrast will help you spot the front sight right away.

Bottom Line

We like the slim design of the front sight and think this feature can improve your range and accuracy. It’s a quality accessory, and the color of the outlines will help you aim faster.

Best Budget Option

AmeriGlo Black Front and Rear Set



What Recent Buyers Report

People say this night sight is sturdy and easy to install. They like that it’s tall, and most people recommend using it with an RMR sight.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Blackout sights are an interesting alternative to tritium sights. These sights from AmeriGlo are taller than the other accessories we recommend, and they’re extremely visible when you aim.

You’ll get a set with a tall front sight and a rear sight with a U-shaped indentation. These blackout sights are a good option if you don’t want to worry about tritium lamps becoming dull over time, or if you don’t want tritium lamps that have limited visibility in the daytime.

It’s best to pair this accessory with an RMR sight. You can install the RMR sight behind this blackout sight and look through the RMR sight to acquire your target.

Bottom Line

These blackout sights are a great addition to any Glock build that uses an RMR sight. They’re sturdy, and the height of the front sight is convenient for fast target acquisition.

TruGlo Brite-Site TFX PRO Sight Set




What Recent Buyers Report

This accessory has received many good reviews, people love being able to get the benefits of tritium and fiber optics with this product. The installation is easy with the right tools. While a majority of buyers are happy with the brightness, a few wish that the sights were brighter.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This set of sights uses TruGlo’s patented TFO technology. This technology mixes tritium and fiber optics. You’ll get the benefits of a bright tritium sight at night and can still use the accessory in the daytime thanks to the illumination from the fiber optics.

The rear sight uses two green lamps. The front light is green with an orange outline that is extremely visible.

Bottom Line

We recommend this option if you want a versatile accessory. The TFO technology is an interesting feature since it makes this product an excellent night sight, and you can still use it in the daytime, for instance, to practice at a gun range.

XS Sight Systems DXT Standard Dot Sight



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers say this set of sights is an excellent buy. They like the fast alignment and the fact that the sights are easy to install. Most reviewers describe the sights as accurate and durable.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The design of this night sight is interesting because instead of having a U-shaped rear sight, you’ll get a rear sight with a smoother and shallower V-shaped indentation.

This design reduces the risks of accidentally snagging the sight on something when you draw your handgun. It can also make carrying your Glock 43 in a holster more comfortable.

The rear sight features a single lamp in the center instead of having two lights. The rear and front lamps are both green, but the front sight has a white outline.

You can choose between a low-profile model and a sight that sits higher to accommodate for a suppressor.

Bottom Line

We recommend this night sight if you’re looking for an accessory that is easy to use. You’ll have to get used to using two lamps instead of three, but aligning the sight could be faster once you get the hang of it. Overall, it’s a bright night sight with a design that prevents snags.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Night Sight for Glock 43

Why should you invest in a quality night sight? The best night sights for Glock 43 will yield the following benefits.

Tritium Quality

Tritium is an isotope that forms when hydrogen becomes radioactive. It’s a substance that scientists use as a die, but you’ll also find it in items that glow in the dark like your watch’s dial.

Tritium has a half-life of 12 years, which means that its radioactive properties decrease over time. The tritium lamps you can find in night sight lose their brightness over the years because of this phenomenon.

On average, a quality tritium sight will last six to seven years before losing too much of its brightness. Investing in a quality accessory ensures that you’ll get at least six years of use out of your purchase.


Aiming a handgun in the dark isn’t easy. A night sight will give you more control over your aim and will boost your confidence, which is crucial if you ever have to use your Glock 43 as a home defense weapon.

A quality sight will improve your accuracy once you set it properly. You won’t have to worry about the sight shifting and losing its alignment.


The Glock 43 is a popular gun for conceal-carry and home defense because it’s easy to store and carry in a holster.

With other types of sights, you might lose the advantages of the compact design of this handgun. A quality night sight will sit low on your Glock 43 barrel so that you can carry it comfortably or store it with ease.


Night sights are must-have accessories for using your handgun in low-light conditions. We recommend looking for a low-profile sight that delivers a bright glow and that makes aligning the rear and front lamps quick and easy.

The Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sights for Glock Handguns and Pistols is our top pick because it’s a durable accessory and because the tritium lamps are bright.

People Also Ask

Here are some additional considerations before you purchase a night sight.

How Long Do Glock Night Sights Last?

Tritium has a half-life of 12 years, which means half of its mass will decay over a period of 12 years. However, you’ll notice a significant drop in brightness after six years.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Glock Sights?

You can upgrade your Glock by yourself if you have the right tools. You can also take your handgun to a gunsmith to have a professional install and set the sight to guarantee it’s accurate. Night sights usually require very minimal fitting and the installation process should cost $25 to $50.

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