How to Build a Gun Safe-Room and What to Consider when Building One

If you possess a valuable gun collection, you’ll need to have a place to store them for emergencies. It should also be impenetrable to intruders if you don’t want to risk having your guns stolen. While several people use traditional gun safes for protection against burglars or damage from natural disasters, some may prefer keeping them in discrete locations.

Of course, you can also use these rooms to store other possessions or valuables, such as money, memorabilia, and essential personal documents.

If you’re curious about how to build a gun safe-room, we’ve compiled a list of what you’ll need and the types of safes you can build. By having a secure vault for your valuables, you don’t have to worry about security problems.

Building a Gun Safe-Room From an Existing Room

While some people may have the budget for investing in a premade gun safe-room that they can build their house structure around, some may prefer making one from spaces in their houses that already exist.

If you want to build your gun safe-room in a place that exists in your house, it would be best to plan how much space you’ll want to use for it. For example, if you want to use a reasonable portion of your basement space to use as a gun safe-room, you should chart out how you would like to structure its walls and door. 

Some people may decide on using an unused closet space for their gun safe-room due to its easy access. Larger walk-in closets give people enough space to put as many belongings they need in the space. You also have the option of hiding the entryway with clothes to make it blend in with the environment. 

Underground vs. Above-Ground Vaults

When deciding on making a gun safe-room, you have the option of building it above the ground or underground. You may prefer one over the other, but they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Underground vaults may be more prone to humidity, which leads to rusting and mold via an unwanted moisture buildup

If you opt for placing it in an above-ground room, it would be best to keep it away from a place you frequently visit, such as near your bedroom or living room.

What to Add to Your Gun Safe-Room

When you’re ready to construct your gun safe-room, there are several features you’ll need to create one that suits your needs. Depending on what you want to add to the room, these factors should be present to accommodate your storage goals.


Typically, you’ll want to have durable walls to withstand damage. Steel plating and concrete are excellent choices for thick walls that aren’t easily breakable. They’re also durable enough to hold racks and displays for your guns. Whether you build new walls in pre-existing rooms or invest in a walk-in vault, they’ll need to have a firm structure.


The most crucial addition to your gun safe-room should be its door. As the main entryway to your room, it’s essential to have a door sturdy enough to keep unwanted people out and withstand physical abuse through excessive force. These doors also tend to weigh more than regular doors. 

There are many styles you can choose for your door, including the traditional vault door. Some choose to use a standard door to hide the safe room’s vault door and keep it inconspicuous.

These doors should also have intricate security systems to ensure maximum protection. Some people incorporate biometric locks for their gun safe-rooms, while others use keypad door locks. Others may implement both to amplify security measures by locking from the inside.


While some people may not have much use for a ventilation system in an advanced storage room, others prefer having some ventilation to prevent odors from forming. Ventilation is ideal if you want to prevent damage to your guns due to the room’s humidity. 

It would be wise to take caution while installing a ventilation system in your gun safe-room since intruders might use it to breach its security. Another viable option is to leave a portable dehumidifier or air conditioning unit in the room.

Building the Room and Creating a Layout

Once you’re ready to begin building your gun safe-room, it would be wise to decide if you or a contractor will do the installation and if you need permits to construct it. These regulations may differ from state to state, so it would be best to research which ones the state you reside in has. 

If you’re working with a pre-existing room, you’ll need to remove the drywall and carpeting you don’t need. By reinforcing the surfaces with concrete and steel, you can create a sturdy flat surface to drill and anchor your gun safes and enhance the room’s security. You may also want to reinforce the room’s door frame with steel plating so it can withstand the door’s weight. 

It would be an excellent idea to consider how you want to place your firearms in your gun safe room. If you want to place a few of them outside of a traditional safe, you can lay out how you want to place the racks or panels for display. 

You could also place a few cabinets for storing ammo or cleaning supplies for your guns and install switches and power outlets for electric lights.


There are several things to consider if you want to know how to build a gun safe-room that meets your needs. Whether you’re creating a room from scratch or building around a pre-existing vault, you’ll need to fortify the strength of your walls and doors. It’s an ideal solution for anybody who wants to hide their belongings in plain sight.

There’s no limit to how you can customize your gun safe-room, so it’s ideal for you to build it in a place that’s not susceptible to damage or intrusion. By implementing effective security measures, you should prevent more break-ins than the traditional lock and key methods.