Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Your trusted shotgun accompanies you on all kinds of outdoor adventures. Regular cleaning is an essential part of shotgun maintenance and will preserve your firearm’s integrity.

The task doesn’t have to be tedious. The right shotgun cleaning kit will make it easy. This guide to the best shotgun cleaning kit can help you find the right tool to suit your needs.

  • Best overall
  • Offers a faster clean at a fraction of the time (only takes 15 seconds)
  • Made of high-quality materials
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  • Compact and easy to transport, making it a good option for multi-day hunting trips
  • Comes in a weather-proof, ballistic-friendly nylon case that can fit in your pocket
  • 7-section gun cleaning rod with swivel tip, reaching up to 33"
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  • Best value for the money
  • Easily transported with a compact size that can fit in a range bag or durty bag
  • Multifunction handle is used for pull cords and traditional rods
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  • Renowned name known for producing top-quality firearms and firearms accessories
  • Both a brush and rope are included, allowing for a fast and effective clean
  • A double-ended brush can be used for multiple purposes
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  • Universal kit, working for most caliber shotguns and handguns
  • Includes five mops, two plastic slotted tips, and two brass rods
  • Brass rod features a 360° swivel tip for easier cleaning of the barrel
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What Is a Shotgun Cleaning Kit Used For?

A shotgun cleaning kit makes it fast and straightforward to clean your shotgun. Here’s what it does.

Prevent Rust & Corrosion

When you shoot your gun, powder explodes, leaving residue behind inside. This, coupled with dirt and debris, can cause corrosion. If not eliminated, the buildup will negatively impact the integrity of the steel.

Chemical reactions cause rust and corrosion, and once these processes begin, they are difficult to stop. A cleaning kit removes gunk buildup, preventing corrosion before it starts.

Increase Longevity

If the steel of your shotgun starts to rust or corrode, the lifespan of the firearm as a whole will decrease. The gun’s exterior can also suffer and lose durability, thanks to splashes of mud, dust, and pollen that build up when you spend time outdoors.

Even if you don’t shoot a single shot on your hunting excursion, you will have your shotgun in hand. Oils from your hands can deteriorate the exterior of the gun, which should likewise be wiped down.

Maintain Safety

The buildup of grime, dirt, and gunshot residue in a shotgun can create a blockage and cause your firearm to malfunction. Overall performance and accuracy will likewise decrease if the gun is dirty. A cleaning kit keeps you safe and ensures precision shooting.

What to Look For When Buying a Shotgun Cleaning Kit

There are hundreds if not thousands of shotgun cleaning kids on the market. So what makes for the best shotgun cleaning kit? Look out for the following qualities.


Specific cleaning kits are made for different gauges of shotguns. While some are universal, others are only suited to individual gauges. Make sure whatever you buy suits your needs. You may have to invest in more than one kit to keep all of your weapons clean.

Quality of Materials

A cheap kit won’t do you much good if it’s terrible quality. For example, you don’t want a bore rope that frays quickly.


If you go on multi-day hunting excursions, you’ll need to bring your shotgun cleaning kit with you. Look for kits that are easy to carry.

What’s Included

Some shotgun cleaning kits give you just the basics. Others will offer extras, such as shotgun cleaning patches. If you are new to shotgun cleaning, look for a more comprehensive kit.

Review of the Best Shotgun Cleaning Kits

When you start looking for a shotgun cleaning kit, you may be overwhelmed by the options. Don’t stress. We’ve summarized the best kits out there for you below.

Top Pick

Mossy Oak Shotgun Cleaning Combo

Mossy Oak Shotgun Combo Kit | Cleaner, Lubricant & Bore Brush | All-in-One | Clean, Lubricate, Protect | Rust Preventative Cleaning Kit | CLP, Bore Cleaner, Nylon Brush & Microfiber Towel (12 Gauge)



What Recent Buyers Report

This cleaning kit earns rave reviews from customers, thanks to the thick cord and high-quality bronze brush. Buyers report needing different kits to accommodate other caliber firearms, so be prepared to invest in more than one. Reviewers also attest to the high-quality of this product.

Why It Stands Out to Us

It’s all about the bore rope. This high-quality material truly stands out from the crowd, holding up better in comparison to other brands. You won’t have to deal with fast fraying. 

On top of that, there’s the speed factor. After a lengthy day of hunting, spending a long time cleaning a shotgun isn’t a favorite task. This kit enhances efficiency and makes the job less tedious. The kit also comes with detailed instructions, and you can get in different calibers, ensuring all of your firearms are kept in top condition.

Bottom Line

For the quality you get with this product, it’s well worth the investment. You get durable materials and an easy-to-use product. Even if you’re a newbie to shotgun cleaning, the straightforward instructions from the manufacturer will ensure you’re up to speed.

Runner Up

Real Avid Gun Boss – Shotgun Cleaning Kit




What Recent Buyers Report

Shoppers love this kit for its versatility. This is thanks to the 33″ rod, which can be hooked up to every phosphor bronze brush, mop, or nylon slotted tip. The swivel tip ensures you get every bit of grease and grime. The kit also has the advantage of fitting 20 and 12 gauge shotgun models.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This kit’s versatility and simplicity make it an easy runner-up in this shotgun cleaning kit overview. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, this kit is undeniably convenient.

Another significant benefit is the compact size. It fits in your pocket. For hunters who need to clean their weaponry during a multi-day excursion, this is invaluable. The user-friendliness of this kit is also seen in the accessories you get with it, including shotgun cleaning patches, a slotted tip, and an organizational tray.

Bottom Line

Practicality is the bottom line when it comes to this kit. The weather-proof case and small size show that it was created with convenience in mind. Hunters will also appreciate the versatility of the 33-inch rod and its ability to connect to various brushes, mops, or jags.

Best Budget Option

DAC Technologies 13 Piece Shotgun Cleaning Kit




What Recent Buyers Report 

Of course, affordability is the primary advantage of this kit, a fact that reviewers are quick to point out. The compact kit comes with plenty of extras, but don’t expect the best quality. Adaptability is a significant advantage of this kit as well, and buyers like that it comes with a slot tip, mop, and phosphor bronze brush.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This kit stands out thanks to its comprehensive but cost-efficient qualities. You get a well-equipped gun cleaning kit that’s perfect for beginners who are still stocking up on supplies. The multi-function handle is another standout since you can use it for pull cords or traditional rods. It even doubles as a screwdriver handle. 

The kit also includes 25 shotgun cleaning patches as well as a set of six driver bits. Finally, we like that the custom-molded tray has a clear top, letting you check that you’ve got all your cleaning equipment without even opening it.

Bottom Line

Given the importance of a clean shotgun, cost should never be a deterrent. This practical and accessible kit ensures that every hunting professional can keep their firearm clean. You get all the essentials you need in a multifunctional and practical kit — for a low price.

Otis Technology Shotgun Cleaning System




What Recent Buyers Report

Otis is already a well-known name in firearms, and now they’ve expanded to create cleaning kits for shotguns as well. Reviewers especially like the memory-flex cleaning rods, which quickly clean the chamber. All of the tools included attach to these rods, allowing for a full clean from breech to muzzle.

Why It Stands Out to Us

We have to agree with the reviewers that rave about the memory-flex cleaning rods. It’s fast and easy to clean out the chamber, bore, and forcing cone in a single step, not taking much time. 

This kit also earns accolades for the various elements it includes, like all-caliber patches, a 12/10 gauge bore brush, and a tube of bore solvent. On top of it all, you get a bore reflector, thread connect, and a T-handle bar. The bore reflector even doubles as a safety flag.

Bottom Line

This is another shotgun cleaning kit that will suit newcomers and experienced huntsmen alike. It gives you the essentials you need for a fast and efficient clean, from a brand name that’s synonymous with quality. Design quirks like the double-ended brush are an added nice-to-have that enhances user-friendliness.

Wydan Universal Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

Wydan Universal Gun Cleaning Kit - Handgun Pistol 9mm Cleaning Kit for 9 mm .22 .357 .30 .38 .40 .44 .45 Ca Caliber - Carrying Case Compact Travel Size Metal Brushes



What Recent Buyers Report

It’s all in the name. Buyers love the “universal” aspect of this shotgun cleaning kit, which gives them everything they need to clean all kinds of firearms. They also highlight the durability of the products. Plus, all the brushes and mops are labeled, making it easy to know what fits what caliber.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Versatility is also the key highlight of this kit in our book. The array of cleaning tools you get with this kit is tough to beat. The brass rod and its 360° swivel head is also a pro, making for easy barrel cleaning. Last but not least, we have to acknowledge the compact nature of this case. Considering everything you get, the fact that it fits into a 6.5″ by 7.5″ case weighing only eight ounces is pretty impressive.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to invest once in a single shotgun cleaning kit, make it this one. The number of versatile cleaning tools you get can’t be beaten. For owners of multiple different caliber weapons, it’s a must-have.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Every shotgun owner has their own needs and preferences when it comes to a cleaning kit. There is no one “perfect” kit for all. Some will prioritize compactness, while others will prioritize cost. Any of the above kits will give you the essential quality you need.

 Here’s how you benefit when you buy one of the best shotgun cleaning kits on the market:

 Have all your gun cleaning supplies easily stored in one place

  • Make shotgun cleaning faster and more efficient
  • Ensure you are maintaining safety and accuracy with a thorough cleaning using professional-grade tools



Regular shotgun cleaning is an essential part of being a responsible firearms owner. You will prevent rust and corrosion, maintain your shotgun’s longevity, and ensure shooting accuracy and safety.

Luckily, shotgun cleaning kits make it fast and straightforward to clean and maintain your weapon. With the above guide to shotgun cleaning kits, you can find the right option to suit your needs.


People Also Ask

Still have some questions about the best shotgun cleaning kit and how to use it? Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked queries.

Do I Need to Clean My Shotgun After Every Use?

Yes. You should be cleaning your gun every time you return from a hunt — even if you haven’t fired a shot! This ensures your gun is clean and lubricated, critical to your safety and the firearm’s longevity.

What Kind of Oil Do You Use to Clean a Shotgun?

This depends on your preference. Some oils are designed only for lubrication, while others are also meant to clean and protect. Always use a designated shotgun oil. You should never lubricate your gun with motor oil, for example.

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