A shell catcher is a must have accessory when going to the range with your rifle. Brass is expensive, and catching it before it hits the ground is a great way to keep it from being damaged if you intend to reload it. The benefits range from less time in the brass tumbler for cleaning to less time picking up brass and looking like a brass goblin.

Shell catcher benefits

The only downside to using a shell catcher is that it doesn’t look so good. Going to the range isn’t about looking good, though.


Whatever you do, don’t go for one of the cheap under $20 dollar shell catchers that you might see on Amazon. I know that it may seem tempting, but those are made with such cheap material that it’s guaranteed to literally melt on you. It’s true that the design is the same and they do work – but only for a little bit. Save yourself the trouble of having to buy a second one by buying right the first time. BIFL, as they say.

I recommend this TacStar shell catcher or this Caldwell shell catcher.

Benefits multiple in an outdoor range.

Shell catcher, brass saver, whatever you call it – you need one.

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