Best Scope Mount for Savage Axis – 2022 Full Review

If you’ve purchased a Savage Axis and you’re looking to upgrade your new rifle with a new scope and scope mount, check out this detailed round-up we’ve put together. We’ll provide an in-depth comparison of the five best scope mounts we could find that are compatible with the Savage Axis so that you can make an informed decision on how to attach your scope to your Savage Axis or Axis II. 

  • Best overall
  • Made of aluminum, scope base is light and durable
  • Scope mount system accepts all Weaver-style rings
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  • Best savage axis picatinny rail scope mount
  • Slot construction allows for flexible scope placement
  • Compatibility with Picatinny and Weaver-style scope rings
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  • Best one piece scope mount for savage axis
  • Thick, durable mounting surface for heavy scopes
  • Mounting surface features universal cross-slot construction
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  • One-piece unit is compatible with several firearms
  • Ring and base made of 6061-grade aluminum
  • Pre-drilled holes mean no tapping required
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  • Best value for the money
  • One-piece unit features durable aluminum construction
  • Compatible with Weaver-style scope rings
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What Is a Scope Mount For Savage Axis Used For?

If you’re still unclear about why you need a scope mount, here are the most compelling reasons for equipping your Savage Axis with one. 

Scope Mounting 

The most basic reason for buying a scope mount is because you need to mount a scope on your Savage Axis. While there are firearms out there that come from the factory equipped with a scope, many do not. If you’ve decided that you need a scope, you’re going to need to purchase extra hardware. 

Proper Interface

A good scope mount acts as an interface between your Savage Axis and whatever scope you choose. You want a scope mount to provide a stable and centered connection between your scope and your rifle. An improperly installed scope mount is going to lead to confusion and a ton of missed shots.  

Variable Magnification

Once you’ve got scope mounted on your Savage Axis rifle, you’ll be able to see hundreds of yards. A quality scope mount helps provide clarity over long distances and provides valuable clarity in challenging environments.   

Targeting Accuracy

With the right scope mount, you’ll be able to mount a scope on your rifle. Once you’ve equipped your rifle with a scope, the scope should come fitted with reticles (crosshairs) that provide pinpoint accuracy over hundreds of yards to help your ammo find the right target.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Scope Mount For Savage Axis?

When you’re choosing a scope mount for your Savage Axis, you have a few questions to ask yourself before you make a final decision. 

Fixed Vs. Detachable  

A fixed system is a mounting system that you can’t remove from your rifle without tools or your local gunsmith’s help. Detachable systems let you quickly remove a scope from a firearm. Having the ability to quickly and easily remove a scope from your gun is essential if you’re in an environment where a scope is impractical. 

One-Piece Vs. Two-Piece 

Scope mount bases are available as one-piece mounts or two-piece mounts. One-piece systems are better for absorbing and mitigating recoil but can interfere with loading and chamber access. There are one-piece and two-piece scope mount bases available for all types of rail or base systems. 

Ring-Base Compatibility

Whatever scope mount you choose, you’ll need to make sure that the scope rings you choose are compatible with the scope mount base you’ve chosen. So this means that you’ll want to pick Weaver scope rings if you’ve chosen a weaver-style base. If you’ve chosen a Picatinny-style base, then you’ll want to go with Picatinny-style scope rings. 

Review of the Best Scope Mount for Savage Axis

Now for the essential part of our article, the product reviews. We’ve done all the work and put all of these guns through their paces. If you have a brand new Savage Axis, these are the best scope mounts for you.

Top Pick

Weaver Multi-Slot Savage Axis Rifle Scope Base System



What Recent Buyers Report

For Weaver’s multi-slot system, the reviews were almost uniformly positive. While we did find numerous reports of screws that were too long, which made mounting difficult for some users, we found virtually no other problems reported. Nearly all users were happy with this scope mount system’s easy installation. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Weaver Multi-Slot Savage Axis Rifle Scope Base System made our list because it’s reliable and easy to install. The other factor in choosing it for our list is this scope mount system’s versatility. Like many aluminum products we test, we found this one to be light, sturdy, and capable of standing up to the elements.

Unlike many other scope mount systems that promise multi-slot systems allowing for versatility in-ring placement, we found that this one delivered. We loved how this scope mount system let us set our rings exactly where we wanted to, and it made for leisurely and comfortable shooting.   

Bottom Line

This is a lightweight aluminum scope mount system that is affordable and easy to install. 

With its multi-slot construction, you’ll have true versatility when placing your rings. This is a reliable and popular product that seems popular with everyone who buys it.

Best Savage Axis Picatinny Rail Scope Mount

Evolution Gun Works Savage Edge/Axis Picatinny Rail Scope Mount



What Recent Buyers Report

This is another product on our list where the reviews were positive across the board. Many users were impressed at this unit’s heavy and reliable construction. Several people who bought this system said that this was the best scope mount system they had ever used with their Savage Axis rifle.

Why It Stands Out to Us

EGW’s Savage Edge/Axis stands out to us because of its durable construction. While some shooters prefer a lighter scope mount, we loved this one for its heft; it made for stable, reliable shooting throughout the day. Once again, we were impressed by this mount’s aircraft-grade aluminum construction. 

We liked how easy it was to get the sight-centered and eye-level, with proper eye relief, just minutes after taking it out of the box. This is the right choice for users who struggle with the Savage Axis’ widely spaced ring mounts. We were also impressed by EGW’s quick shipping and friendly customer service.  

Bottom Line

If you want a reliable, well-built scope mount system that offers compatibility with both Picatinny and Weaver-style scope rings, this is the one for you. When you’re dealing with EGW, you get the fast shipping and courteous customer service.  

Best One Piece Scope Mount for Savage Axis

Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot Picatinny Rail



What Recent Buyers Report

Users report being impressed with the high quality of this scope mount system’s machined finish. Many people were also impressed by this scope mount’s thickness and durability, especially for mounting tactical sights. Other users were impressed that the manufacturer built this aluminum scope mount with higher quality aluminum than other scope mounts.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This was yet another product we reviewed where we struggled to find anything negative to report. The Leupold Backcountry Cross-Slot Picatinny Rail System made our list because the precision machine work and the matte-black finish make this scope mount system a stunning piece of equipment.

We liked how this scope mount system worked well with shorter scopes. We loved how the cross-slot construction allowed for versatility with scope ring placement. The 7075-grade aluminum construction stands up to the elements while dispersing sweat and grime. This was another company that distinguished itself with excellent customer service and easy shipping. 

Bottom Line

This is a heavy and durable scope mount system that features cross-slot construction. It’s compatible with both Weaver and Picatinny-style rail systems. With aluminum construction of a slightly higher standard than other firearms manufacturers, this is a product built to last. 

DNZ Products One-Inch Mount For Savage Axis Or Edge Rifles




What Recent Buyers Report

We found that across the board, most recent user experiences were positive. Many users felt that this scope mount was easy to install and worth the money they paid for it. Many reviews also said that this scope mount provided a stable mounting surface with a tight fit. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

DNZ’s Savage-compatible one-inch scope mount system stands out to us because of its straightforward construction. This is a no-nonsense, one-piece scope mount installed in minutes after we took it out of the box and didn’t require any special equipment. We were also impressed with how the manufacturer made each ring and base from a single aluminum piece.

After we mounted our scope, it centered, aimed, and fired correctly. We also liked the mount’s tightness; we could tell that our area wasn’t about to go anywhere. This is an affordable, no-frills scope mount for fun shooting. 

Bottom Line

This is a durable and product sold for a reasonable price. Manufactured by DNZ from aircraft-grade aluminum, you can mount it on several different kinds of firearms. It is easy to install and provides a stable mounting surface for your scope. 

Best Budget Option

Leupold Rifleman Savage Axis/LA Scope Mount



What Recent Buyers Report

Several users reported problems with improperly-sized screws. Other users reported this scope mount did not allow them to use their iron sights as the manufacturer’s specifications indicated it would. Despite these issues, many users say that this is a reliable base with a tight fit and an excellent finish. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

This scope mount unit stands out to us because of its durable construction and affordable price point. This scope mount had a beautiful, visually-pleasing matte finish that was easy to clean when we finished shooting for the day. The cross-cut grooves on this scope mount also made setting our Weaver-style rings a breeze.

While we did have a few issues installing this one due to some improperly-sized hardware,this scope mount provided a snug fit and a level mounting surface once installed. This is a durable scope mount that performs well in the field and stands up to the elements.

Bottom Line

While this scope mount does have assembly issues and may block iron sights, this is an affordable and durable scope mount system that gets the job done. This is a heavy scope mount that provides a snug and reliable mounting surface.

What Are The Benefits Of A Scope Mount For Savage Axis?

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve listed three compelling reasons for you to invest in a scope mount for your Savage Axis. 

Stable Interface 

With the right scope mount, you’ll have a reliable connection between your rifle and your scope. With your scope adequately mounted, you won’t risk your lens fogging up. A stable scope mount should also minimize loading and reloading interference and allow you to sight and aim accurately with minimal physical discomfort. 

Variable Magnification 

If you’re out in the field, you don’t want to worry about having a pair of heavy binoculars or a separate optical device with you. An adequately installed scope mount lets your scope perform visual surveillance as well as targeting. With a properly installed scope mount, you’ll be able to see clearly for hundreds of yards. 

Pinpoint Accuracy 

When stalking or sighting prey across rugged landscapes, having the right scope mount on your firearm can mean the difference between success and failure. With the ability to utilize reticles (crosshairs), you’ll be able to track movement across all environments. With the right scope and scope mount, you’ll hit your quarry on the first shot every time.   


If you’ve decided to get a scope mount for your Savage Axis, we hope this article has given you a clear idea of what your options are. We know you’ll have fun and great success with any of the products featured in our round-up.

People Also Ask

We know you’ve probably still got a few questions, so we’ve provided answers to the two questions we’ve heard the most. 

What Is The Difference Between Savage Axis And Axis 2?

There are some minor differences between the Savage Axis and the Savage Axis II. The Axis 2 does not come with a reinforced stock for reasons we were never able to determine. The Axis 2 also features a proprietary 2-stage trigger system called the AccuTrigger.

How Far Back Should A Scope Be Mounted?  

You’ll want to mount your scope further back for higher-powered weapons. When you’re trying to figure out how far back to mount your scope, make sure you choose a physically comfortable spot for how you prefer to sight and aim. Finally, make sure that there’s adequate eye relief between your eye and the scope. That is unless you’re going scout rifle configuration!

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