Best “Night Vision” Digital Scope under $1000 – 2022 Guide

Night vision rifle scopes are necessary tools for any trip where you not only need to be able to see while doing some nighttime hunting, but also possibly for safety reasons. They can be expensive, but fortunately, you can find the best night vision scope under $1000 and avoid actually breaking (into) the bank and only breaking the piggy bank.

  • Best overall
  • 4K Ultra HD sensor to enhance nighttime images
  • Very low power usage - battery lasts for 18 hours
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  • Steiner has experience manufacturing these items for the U.S. military
  • Reticle has 11 different brightness settings
  • Diopter adjustment goes from +2 to -3 with literally one rotation
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  • Best Sightmark night vision scope
  • HD cover image gives you brilliant colors during the day
  • Two different color options when you're using night vision
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When Would I Use a Night Vision Scope?

The best situations in which to use a night vision scope are when the sky is so obscured it’s too dark to see, when there’s no moon, and when you’re hunting nocturnal animals. They make it so you don’t have to shine a visible spotlight into the field and scare your prey away.

Ultra-Dark Conditions

A night vision scope gathers what ambient light there is, intensifies it, and uses it to create a visible image. There’s always some light around, even in the cloudiest conditions with a thick canopy overhead. Though your eyes can’t detect it, the tech in your scope can. Even in the darkest conditions, you can identify what you’re looking at.

Hunting Nocturnal Animals

One of the best features of today’s night vision rifle scopes is that they use infrared light in addition to the night vision mechanisms. The infrared light detects heat and behaves like a spotlight when combined with night vision technology, giving you an excellent view of your chosen game without alerting it to your presence. 

No Moon

If you’re hunting out in the open, a bright moon can help you see quite a bit with your naked eye. However, in the same situation without a moon, you only have starlight with which to use, making it far darker to your eyes. Your night vision scope can use starlight to create an image allowing you to easily sight in on your prey.

If you want to use the same scope at night and during the day, you should get a scope with 24-hour functionality. Otherwise, daylight is too bright.

Can You Find a Quality Night Vision Scope Under $1000?

Yes. There are plenty of quality night vision scopes for under $1,000. The main thing to pay attention to is what kind of scope you want. There are four generations of night vision rifle scopes, and the higher you go, the more they cost. 

For instance, fourth-generation scopes are higher quality than second-generation scopes, but they’re also more expensive. You can also buy digital scopes, which are among the best, but they’re also very expensive. 

Never fear. There are lots of first and second-generation scopes that are of excellent quality while still costing less than $1,000.

What to Look For When Buying a Night Vision Scope Under $1000

To ensure you’re getting the best night vision scope for under $1,000, there are several things you should look for. 

Range of Detection and Recognition

Night vision scopes have two separate ranges: Detection and recognition. Detection is the point at which you can see something moving, and recognition is when you can identify it. 

Your recognition range is considerably shorter than your detection range. Choose a scope that will allow you to detect and recognize your quarry at the distance at which you ordinarily shoot.

Luminance Gain

A scope’s luminance gain is what amplifies ambient light to allow you to see in the dark. The farther you want to see, the more gain you’ll need on your scope. 

If you generally hunt at 250 yards, don’t buy a cheap scope with low gain. Look for one with a gain that most closely matches your preferred hunting distance.

Lines per Millimeter and Clarity

The higher the number of lines per millimeter in your scope, the clearer your image will be. However, other things affect clarity, too. Because night vision scopes are more than just a tube and a few lenses, you have a greater possibility of distortion. You want a scope that fits your budget but is clear enough for your needs.

Review of the Best Night Vision Scope Under $1000

Below, we review our top five favorite night vision scopes, all of which are under $1,000.

Top Pick

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Edition Smart HD Day/Night Riflescope



What Recent Buyers Report

People are extremely impressed with this scope, especially since it costs less than $1,000. You’d ordinarily expect a scope with so many features that’s this easy to use to cost several months’ worth of pay. Even with image degradation at full zoom, this is one of the best scopes available.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Along with what recent buyers like about this, we found ourselves hard-pressed to find anything wrong with it. It does exactly what it says and then some. The single-shot zero merely requires you to fire a shot, sight in on it, and press a button. Little is easier with a rifle scope.

This scope is even compatible with Android and iOS devices. You need the Obsidian app, but it automatically takes video on recoil, which you can then export to your device for later examination. 

You also don’t have to give the ballistic calculator any information for it to calibrate correctly, either. 

Bottom Line

This is an extremely high-quality scope full of useful features. Even if you’re not used to all the electronics on it, you’ll come to rely on them because you get to spend less time calibrating and more time doing what you love.

Steiner P4Xi Tactical Illuminated Riflescope



What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are thrilled with this scope’s German glass lenses. It has a forgiving eye box and its reticle is almost as good as a red dot. 

Some say that it doesn’t track reliably, which is problematic, especially for hunters. However, it’s easy to use and correct, which offsets that problem for some people.

Why It Stands Out to Us

We like the large, forgiving eye box as well, and the high-quality glass gives you sharp, clear images during the day or night. We love the eleven different illumination levels in the reticle, too. It means we can set it at a brightness level that’s comfortable for us and doesn’t ruin our night vision.

Turning the knobs is more difficult than it needs to be, but that also means they’re less likely to slip if you accidentally knock them. Plus, it has a zoom that’s as accurate at 1x as you can get. Overall, it has a good layout.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a tactical-type scope that’s under $1,000, this one is a good choice. It works well with all types of rifles and in most lighting conditions, giving you what you need in a night vision scope.

Best SightMark Night Vision Scope

SightMark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Digital Riflescope




What Recent Buyers Report

People like the 24-hour functionality because it means they can use it during the day or night. The fact that the night vision mechanism gives you either a black-and-white or a green display is another pleasing point since many people have strong preferences for that. In general, they see this as a good hunting scope.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Not only do we like the 24-hour functionality ourselves, but we like the fact that this scope is jam-packed with features that give you an excellent value, especially when you’re looking for rifle scopes under $1,000.

You can record thousands of still images or hours of video, too, depending on what you want to do, and has a micro-USB port along with the ability to take up to a 256-gigabyte micro-SD card, too.

Even though it only lasts for around four hours, we found it easy to swap out the batteries, which helped mitigate that problem. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the best SightMark scopes available, and with its three-year warranty, you get some peace of mind if it arrives damaged. The fact that you can switch out the batteries without removing the scope is a plus for us, too.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Night Vision Scope Under $1000?

You have a few things you should understand before you buy a night vision scope so you get one that suits your personal needs and preferences best.

Figure Out What Generation Scope You Want

One of the biggest things you should consider is what generation scope you want. You might find it difficult to find a third or fourth-generation scope for under $1,000. However, as we mentioned earlier in the article, first and second-generation scopes and digital riflescopes are high-quality enough, meeting your demands at a lower price.

What You Plan to Use it for Matters

Another consideration is what you plan to use the scope for. It’s a bad idea to buy a high-tech accessory for your gun just because it’s cool or you want to play one-upmanship with your shooting friends. It’s just a waste of money if you do that. 

If you want it for target shooting, you’ll do well as long as it has 24-hour functionality. The range is where you develop and hone your skills and if you can only use this scope at night, then it’s not much use to you.

Tactical and home security are also uses for which night vision scopes work well. If you do have to take down an intruder when it’s dark, the scope will help you see and identify them clearly so you can take them down with less risk of harming someone you love or an innocent bystander.

Size and User-Friendliness

You want a scope with a size and weight that will work with your gun and your personal preferences. For instance, if the scope is too heavy, it adds too much weight to your gun and you’ll have problems shooting accurately. Of course, you can always go to the range and get used to it, but it’s better to find one with a weight you like. 

Also, the more eye relief the scope has, the better, especially if your weapon has a heavy recoil. Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope’s lens. Greater eye relief is both more comfortable and safer for you.

Finally, you probably want a scope that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Fortunately, the best night vision rifle scopes under $1,000 tend to be very user-friendly, so that’s not much of a worry.


Finding a good night vision rifle scope for under $1,000 isn’t difficult, even if you don’t really know where to look. Whether you want it for hunting, target shooting, or to aid you in protecting your family and home at night, any one of the scopes we listed above should serve you quite well.

People Also Ask

Here are two main questions we found people asking when searching for a night vision scope. 

Why is night vision so expensive?

Night vision scopes are expensive to manufacture, they use special materials, political climates in different countries can increase the demand for these scopes, and so much more. 

Keep in mind that night vision rifle scopes have a massive price range, so you don’t have to worry about extreme costs just to get one.

How far can night vision see?

You can see up to 1,000 yards with a night vision scope. However, the farther away from your target you are, the less likely it is you’ll be able to recognize it. You might see moving shapes at 900 yards, but you probably won’t be able to tell what they are. These are best for close to mid-range shooting.

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