Best Quick Detach (QD) Scope Mounts – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Marksmen and hunters aiming at choosing the best quick detach scope mount may find it confusing with all of the options on the market. 

So many different sizes and lengths can leave a shopper wondering where to turn for the best option. 

Have no fear, as we’ve done the work for you by reviewing the best QD scope mounts available, along with some valuable information you should consider when making your next purchase. 

  • Best overall
  • Made of durable anodized aluminum that resists corrosion
  • Easily installed on AR-15s and similar rifles
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  • Best lightweight QD scope mount
  • Made from hard coat anodized aluminum to resist corrosion
  • Fully adjustable without tools
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  • Made from a hardened aluminum alloy for durability
  • Can be changed from different rifles while holding a steady zero
  • Smooth operation makes for easy use
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  • Best 30mm QD scope mount
  • Made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum
  • Versatile, fitting any Picatinny or Weaver rail
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  • Best value for the money
  • Economical choice for budget-conscious marksmen
  • Fits Picatinny and Weaver rails
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What Purpose Does a QD Scope Mount Serve?

Before we begin our review, it’s important to know the biggest features a QD scope mount provides, along with its purpose:

Ease of Use 

The first hint of a QD scope mount’s purpose is in the letters Q and D. Quick detachment, along with the flexibility it provides, is why you’d want to purchase a QD scope mount. With a QD scope mount, you can quickly and easily detach and reattach an optic from your rifle. This smooth and easy operation will save you valuable time when stowing your rifle away after hunting or a trip to the range.

QD scope mounts are also very versatile. You can utilize them with any scope mount function of your choice, making this a great option if you need to change optics quickly on the same rifle or between rifles or shotguns.


QD scope mounts stay firmly in place, which is important when transporting your rifles. This helps keep your preferred settings when attaching your optic. When securely attached, you also won’t have to be concerned about the QD scope mount shifting or falling off during firing. This is especially useful if you are shifting between optics since you won’t have to readjust the mount for security after each transition.

Ability to Hold Zero

Most QD scope mounts can hold zero, even after removing and replacing the optic. Once you attach your scope to your QD scope mount and zero in, the mount will hold zero as long as it is securely attached.

Not only is this convenient for saving time, but it also saves money in the long run, as you won’t have to use additional ammunition zeroing in between uses. 

What Should I Look For in Purchasing a QD Scope Mount? 

When you start your search for a QD scope mount, these considerations may shape your decision. 


When considering how much you are willing to spend on a QD scope mount, you will also want to consider what you’ll use it for. 

If you are just using it for occasional practices at the range, you may not need to invest in a high-quality scope mount. However, suppose you plan to use your scope mount frequently between different rifles. In that case, you may want to invest a little more money for durable materials, a better ability to hold zero, and manufacturer warranties.


QD scope mounts generally come in three different sizes or height mounts: low, medium, or high mounts. The size you choose will depend on your shooting preferences and the lens objective diameter. 

For example, a high mount may be good for people who prefer to use their iron mounts in place of, or in addition to, their scope. Medium mounts are a great option for scopes with a lens diameter of 42mm-45mm. If you are using your weapon for home defense, CQB, or three gun type shooting, a low mount will maintain your adjustments and hold zero.


QD scope mounts usually consist of solid anodized aluminum or an aluminum alloy. The latter is lighter, making it easier to transport.

Aluminum is a durable material that can handle a few bumps and bruises over time. It’s also a lightweight material, so it should withstand quite a few rounds before you have to re-zero. Aluminum is a great choice, as it won’t bend or warp over time due to other objects in your range bag.  

Review of the Best QD Scope Mounts

To simplify your search for the best QD scope mount, we rounded up these outstanding options and put them through a rigorous review.  

Top Pick

American Defense Manufacturing AD-RECON Scope Mount




Adding an optic to your AR-15 is simple with the AD-RECON Scope Mount from American Defense Manufacturing. Made from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, this QD scope mount will resist corrosion and holds zero easily. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who recently chose the AD-RECON Scope Mount from American Defense Manufacturing overwhelmingly handed out stars to this model, saying it’s an excellent scope mount that is easy to operate.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The quality and durability of this scope mount make it a bargain for anyone serious about their weaponry. The AD-RECON scope mount operates smoothly and can be adjusted by hand or with a flat screwdriver.  

Made from solid anodized aluminum, this is a great QD scope mount that’s durable, corrosion-resistant, and should last you for many years to come. 

Easy to install and use, this QD scope mount comes with a slew of rave reviews from happy customers. 

Bottom Line

American Defense Manufacturing‘s AD-RECON scope mount is well-designed, well-made, and a solidly manufactured QD scope mount that’s easy to install and holds zero well.

Best Lightweight QD Scope Mount

Midwest Industries High QD Scope Mount




Midwest Industries’ entry in the QD scope mount market may be our pick for a lightweight QD scope mount, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a solid choice. It consists of hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum, so it will stand up to the elements.  

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who recently picked this Midwest Industries option give it high marks for its versatility in switching from weapon to weapon quickly and easily. The words “dependability” and “accuracy” pop up often amongst users.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Midwest Industries High QD Scope Mount is our pick for a lightweight scope mount because of its durability and sturdiness. Anodized aluminum keeps this scope mount corrosion-free. 

Since this scope mount can be adjusted, detached, and reattached smoothly without tools, it will save a marksman or hunter time when moving optics from one rifle to another. 

Bottom Line

Having weight at the top of a weapon is a negative for some gun owners. With Midwest Industries’ scope, lightweight doesn’t mean flimsy or fragile. This anodized aluminum QD scope mount is rugged and reliable. 

ATN Scope Mounting System Quick Detach 1-PC Base & Ring Combo




Ideal for an X-sight 4K, ThOR 4, ThOR LT, or other 30-mm scopes, this reliable one-piece base, and ring combo is made from a hardened aluminum alloy to increase durability without a lot of added weight near the upper end of your weapon. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those putting this ATN scope mount into use say it lives up to ATN’s quality standards and is well-built. Its smooth operation lets owners switch optics from one rifle to another with ease while securely holding their optics. However, some users find it a bit bulky for their weapons.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Made from a hardened aluminum alloy, this ATN scope mount lives up to its manufacturer’s standards of quality and durability. It can work well with 30-mm scopes without adding excess weight to your weapon. 

Its ability to retain zero while swapping out scopes is great for long-distance ranges, making this a particularly great scope mount for hunters.

Bottom Line

This one-piece QD scope mount is a bargain, providing quality, solid ATN construction and durability at an affordable price. Made from a hardened aluminum alloy, this QD scope mount doesn’t add weight.

Best 30mm QD Scope Mount

Riton RT-M Quick Detach Riflescope Mount





The Riton RT-N Quick Detach Riflescope Mount will pair well with your glass. It’s versatile, fitting any Picatinny or Weaver rail on your rifles, and it’s made from anodized aluminum for durability.  

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners of this Riton option have plenty of five-star reviews for this QD scope mount. It holds optics firmly in place, is accurate, sturdy, and reliable. Their one consistent complaint is that the instructions weren’t detailed. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

For the price, this Riton QD scope mount is an excellent buy. It will leave you with plenty of cash left for buying optics or a new rifle. It solidly holds scopes in place and operates smoothly when moving optics from rifle to rifle. 

The ability to fit any Picatinny or Weaver Rail makes this a very versatile option for all types of gun owners. Its solid build and secure fit allow shooters to use it in competitive shooting as well as hunting or tactical use.

Bottom Line

Riton offers a one-piece QD scope mount that brings accuracy and durability to the field or range at an affordable price. Riton fans say this is a scope mount that won’t disappoint.  It fits an array of weapons, making this an excellent buy.

Best Budget Option

Sightmark 30mm/1in QD Mount Up




The least expensive model we reviewed is the Sightmark QD Mount Up, and it is the least expensive by a long shot. This lightweight aluminum 30mm scope mount fits Picatinny or Weaver rails.

What Recent Buyers Report

Sightmark customers choosing this model report that it has solid construction and works well with all their weapons and optics. The complaint heard most was that this is sold as a single ring, so those wanting two had to order it twice.

Why It Stands Out to Us

You might think a QD scope mount at this price would be flimsy, but you would be wrong. For the price, this is a sturdy, accurate scope mount. Just make sure you know you’re buying a single ring. 

The lifetime warranty at such a bargain is also an additional bonus. If you’re worried about the dependability of this product based on its price, the warranty should offer some peace of mind when choosing this scope mount for your needs.

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget or just appreciate a great deal, this Sightmark QD scope mount option is for you. Its operation gets good reviews, and it does what it’s supposed to do – hold optics tightly and securely as you use your weapon.

What are the Benefits of a QD Scope Mount? 

Using a QD scope mount has numerous benefits, the first of which is the quick detachment of optics. This can save you precious time on the range or in the field when you want to move optics from one rifle to another.

QD scope mounts stretch your money farther since you can move one scope from rifle to rifle. Instead of purchasing an optic for every rifle you own, which could be expensive or result in buying lesser models, you can buy a superior model of scope and use it with all your weapons.

They can also offer eye relief to marksmen, and these QD scope mounts mean that your vision will only have to adjust to one scope instead of several.

Also, carrying one scope in the field will lighten your load. Any hunter will tell you that traveling light makes for a far more enjoyable hunting trip. With a QD scope mount, you will only need one scope for your rifles.

With all these benefits, you’d think the versatility a QD scope mount brings would come at a hefty price. These actually are among the more affordable accessories for rifles, making them an excellent choice for hunters and marksmen.


The best QD scope mounts can be your best friends when shooting since they can add versatility to your weaponry and stretch your optics availability. Out of the wide variety of QD scope mounts on the market, we brought the best into focus, giving five choices we found to be the best available.

People Also Ask 

Here are a couple of FAQs that gun owners have about QD scopes. 

How Do QD Mounts Work? 

True QD scope mounts are self-locking devices that you can operate single-handedly with few tools needed. This is accomplished with rings, clamps, and levers, depending on the design of the scope mount. 

Do QD Scopes Hold Zero? 

QD scope mounts will hold zero well as long as each screw is properly torqued. Wiggle room between the scope and its mount can throw off accuracy.  

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