Best Aftermarket Sights for Marlin 336 – 2022 Top Picks

If you have stumbled across this page, you are probably interested in or in the market for a set of aftermarket sights for your trusty Marlin 336. When looking to make such a purchase, determining which instrument option is best to suit your specific needs is instrumental.

We have compiled a review of the four most popular aftermarket sights for your Marlin 336 that we have determined are the best available!

  • Best overall
  • Better accuracy than other sights
  • Able to zero in on moving targets
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  • Best peep sights for Marlin 336
  • Lower price than other options
  • Easy to install
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  • Best value for the money
  • Sets in on target easily
  • Provides great visibility
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  • Best Williams fire sights Marlin 336
  • Easy to install
  • Clear picture
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When Would I Use Aftermarket Sights for Marlin 336?

There are a few instances in which having a set of new sights is ideal. Sights can enhance visibility and make seeing objects much more effortless. Let’s go through a couple of ways that having a sight on your Marlin 336 is advantageous. 

Failing Vision

If you have noticed that your vision is not quite what it used to be, adding a sight is a great way to enhance visibility. Many sights are bright, which provides users with clear views. An excellent way to determine if the sight you chose will help improve your vision is to select a sight with a green-yellow color. 

Getting on Target

Some sights make shooting short ranges with a Marlin 336 simpler. Red dot sights are a great way to lock in on your target quickly. The dot provides a perfect aim and works in essentially any lighting. 


Many sights can enhance visibility by zooming in on the target for you. They provide a much clearer view of where you plan to shoot, which makes your aim more accurate. When you use a sight, you notice that the object you are aiming at is much easier to see, making it easier to lock on and hit it accurately.

What Should I Look for When Buying Sights for Marlin 336?

You must understand what makes a sight great and what makes one so-so for your Marlin 336. It is difficult to know what to look for, especially if this is your first time purchasing a sight. 

Consider Price

One of the most influential things to consider is the price of the right. Price should not be the deciding factor in your purchase, but it is worth keeping in mind. You want to ensure that you spend an appropriate amount of money to get the best quality product. In general, good sight is relatively affordable but does not sit at the bottom of the barrel in terms of price. 

Ease of Install

Every sight is different. Some will be much easier to install than others. You should be able to install almost any sight fairly easily without too much hassle, but it is important to consider. Some of them do require a bit of finesse during installation. The last thing that you want to happen is a mistake during the installation that could harm your weapon or piece of equipment. 

Which Type of Sight is Best?

Depending on your needs, there are a few different kinds of sights that you can use on your Marlin 336. 

If you have vision issues, you may want to consider a fiber-optic sight. These are great for zeroing in on a target and working in pretty much any lighting. They are a good option for older shooters as well.  

Standalone sights are mounted on either the rear or front of your gun. They are generally used as replacements for iron sights and are great for most shooting situations. 

Review of the Best Sights for Marlin 336

Let’s take a look at some of the best Marlin 336 sights available. Consider taking down notes and creating your list of pros and cons to determine which features are most important to you. 

Top Pick

XS Sight Systems Rifle Sight w/ Ghost Ring




The top pick is the XS Sight Systems sight with Ghost Ring.

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers of this product report wonderful reviews. Many noted that the standout feature of this sight is its accuracy and speed in zoning in on a target. It is ideal for hunting deer in the woods but also can take down smaller objects as well. Buyers love the quick tracking that can happen when you use this sight. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

This sight offers some of the best accuracy and speed of any rifle sight on the market. We love it because it gives users the ability to track and take down a large target with very little hassle. This sight is fantastic for hunting in the woods and gives users the ability to shoot with confidence. 

The sight is completely adjustable and comes with two apertures. The field of view that this sight provides is hard to match. It is also worth noting that it comes with a “no questions asked” warranty if you are not completely satisfied or something happens to break. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, this sight will provide you with everything you need to successfully hunt deer and other game. It can track and lock in targets with near-perfect accuracy and is worth considering for your Marlin 336.

Best Peep Sight for Marlin 336

Williams Gun Sight Marlin 336 WGRS Fire Sight Peep Set




Looking for a peep sight? Look no further than this Williams Gun Sight.

What Recent Buyers Report

The biggest note that recent buyers of this sight have is how easy it is to install. There is not a lot of hassle or finessing that goes into installing it on your Marlin 336. Buyers also note that this sight provides enhanced accuracy in many hunting situations. If you have “older” eyes or visual impairments, this is a good option to consider as it makes quite a bit of difference. It is great for dawn or dusk hunting as well. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

As we mentioned earlier, sights are great for those who struggle to see well or are older. This sight is worth considering because it allows the user to see across greater distances, even with visual impairments. You should not have to be limited in your hunting because of poor eyesight, and this addition will make that easier for you.

It is also a fairly easy sight to install compared to other options, which is another aspect that we highlight as being important to consider. If convenience is important to you, this option is worth keeping on your radar. 

Bottom Line

Whether you have issues seeing far away or seeing in the dark, this scope will assist you, making hunting a more enjoyable experience. It is more affordable than other scopes without taking away from the quality of the product. 

Best Budget Option

TruGlo Marlin/Henry 336 Rifle Sight




If you need a good budget option, then the TruGlo Marlin/Henry 336 Rifle Sight is our top choice.

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers of this sight rave about the ease of installation and budget-friendly price option. It is a good sight for those who do not wish to spend an arm and a leg without skimping on the quality of the product. This sight is particularly well-versed in setting in on a target quickly and accurately. A few buyers note that it sticks up a bit higher than they would like, but this has not been a deterrent. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you are on a bit of a tighter budget, this is a great choice to consider. We mentioned that the price is a major consideration to make when purchasing a new sight for your Marlin 336. With that in mind, this option should be on your radar if you wish to remain budget-friendly.

We also love the speed and accuracy that this scope provides. Users can use this sight for quite a few hunting scenarios without losing too much in terms of quality. The main purpose of a sight is to enhance visibility for the user, and this one does just that.

Bottom Line

If price is important to you, this sight is worth keeping in mind. You still get the same quality without spending more than you are comfortable with. You can use this sight in the woods, and it is great for hunting many sizes of targets.

Best Williams Fire Sight Marlin 336

Williams Gun Sight Marlin 336 FP Fire Sight Set





If you want a Williams Fire Sight for your Marlin 336, this set is the premier.

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who recently purchased this sight love the lightweight feature and accuracy it offers. A few have noted that the visibility is very clear, which is a bonus. The sight does not require a lot of effort to install, making it ideal for those who do not have every tool at their disposal. This is a great sight for hunting in the woods.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The ability to install a sight easily is something that we feel is very important when making your decision. This sight offers that and more. It is lightweight and does not obstruct the view of the user. The accuracy and clear picture that this scope provides are hard to match, making it one of our top choices for everyone with a Marlin 336.

You should also consider the uses you have for the sight. If you plan on doing a lot of deer and small game hunting, this sight is your best option. 

Bottom Line

If you want an accurate and clear picture, do not move this sight off of your radar. It is ideal for hunting in the woods and does not give you problems during the installation process. Unlike other sights, this one does not stick out too far or get caught on the brush. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying Sights for Marlin 336?

There are a few things that you should think about before you buy a sight for your Marlin 336.

How Is It Different from a Scope?

There are different scenarios in which you would use a scope on your rifle instead of a sight. They both have their unique advantages. As you look for a rifle sight, you have probably come across scopes as well. So, what is the difference?

If you are shooting at a great distance, a scope is ideal. They can range as far as one thousand yards away. Sights cannot reach that far. However, sights give you the best visibility in close-range shooting, which scopes cannot do. Sights are more ideal in situations where you are hunting small targets or working on target shooting. It is also worth noting that sights are perfect for those with poor eyesight in terms of visibility. 


Purchasing a new sight for your Marlin 336 should not be something that you dread. It should be simple. You want to find a sight that meets your budget requirements, is easy to install, and provides the best visibility for your hunting experience. Be sure to do your research before making a final purchase. 

People Also Ask

There are a few questions people have when looking for additions to their Marlin 336 rifles. Let’s take a look at a few of the top asked questions and give you some answers.

Which Is Better: Marlin or Winchester?

The Marlin is slightly heavier than the Winchester, making recoil more accurate. The Marlin also offers more strength and accuracy when hunting than the Winchester. However, both options are fantastic hunting rifles. 

What Calibers Does Marlin Make?

There are a few caliber options. The most common choices available are .22 and 30-30. This typically depends on the area you live in and the access available.

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