Best Scope for .300 Blackout Rifles – 2022 Guide

The 300 Blackout caliber is a diverse and impressive cartridge used in the AR platform and increasingly in dedicated bolt action platforms. Its versatility is apparent when you note the use in hunting, competition, home defense, and even by professional service members in special units. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for the best scope for your .300 Blackout rifle. We’ll take a closer look at how a scope can benefit you and which ones are best suited for .300 Blackout rifles. 

  • Best overall
  • Excellent visibility in low light
  • High accuracy from 300 to 800 yards
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  • Best scope for 300 Blackout Subsonic
  • Bright aiming point in any conditions
  • Instantly switch between supersonic and subsonic ammunition
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  • Best value for the money
  • Sturdy and well-constructed
  • Good for .300 Blackout as well as 7.62x39mm
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  • Green dot features supersonic and subsonic on opposite sides
  • Adjustable brightness settings
  • Battery-powered for easier use and replacement
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  • Highly durable, robust construction
  • Red/green illuminated reticle with great illumination
  • Excellent range and clarity
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When Would I Use a Scope for .300 Blackout?

AR-15s are popular for a wide range of uses but those chambered in .300 Blackout generally are used for only a subset of these, and each of these uses can benefit from the help of a scope. The most important thing a scope does for you is increase precision, and that’s a benefit that will surely impact the areas below. 


Whether you hunt for sport, animal population control, or feed your family, you can certainly use a rifle chambered in .300 Blackout to do so. 

Every hunter knows that a good, accurate shot is the key to success. When hunting deer, hogs, goats, and other animals, the right shot will ultimately be what takes your prey of choice down. 

While there is some contention about hunting with an AR-15, the .300 Blackout has seen some success, and using a scope can make it much easier to stay precise. 


The .300 Blackout cartridge is often used during competition shooting. Like hunting, a successful sportsman must have sharp, accurate precision during a shooting competition. Using the right kind of scope can help you immensely. 

Scopes are especially helpful during long-range shooting competitions, and your scope can mean the difference between victory and defeat. 

Target Practice and Home Defense

Many gun owners don’t participate in competitions or hunt any kind of game, but they enjoy the privilege of protecting their homes and families from intruders. While no one wants to imagine a day when someone tries to do their loved ones harm, it’s better to be prepared than not. 

Having a scope for your .300 Blackout is excellent for target practice, which can greatly improve your shooting skills. A responsible gun owner should take time to practice and will be ready with accuracy should the worst-case scenario arise.

How to Choose a Scope for 300 Blackout

When selecting a scope for a .300 Blackout, there are a few key features to keep an eye out for. Some of the most critical considerations involve weight, range, and durability. 


While your .300 Blackout rifle probably isn’t extraordinarily heavy to begin with, adding new accessories can quickly increase your payload. And in fact, optics tend to be the heaviest of these additions. 

That being said, it’s a good idea to consider the weight of the scope that you choose. A lightweight scope will prevent an imbalance and minimize the risk of fatigue while using your gun. 


An effective range will be one of your most important considerations when purchasing a scope. A 300 Blackout has more power than .233 rounds, but it’s not well-suited for super long distances. So, your scope must offer an appropriate range, which for a 300 Blackout is under 500 meters and if subsonic and/or suppressed, well closer to half that number.


The best .300 Blackout rifle scopes will have a solid, robust build. Regardless of the type of shooting activities you partake in, your optic needs to be able to take a bit of a beating. It should also be able to handle the type of ammo you’re using. 

Review of the Scopes for .300 Blackout rifles

Now, let’s get into the fun part: the products. Below, we have reviewed several of the best scopes for the 300 Blackout. Take a look and consider some of the highlights we’ve covered. 

Top Pick

Primary Arms 1-6x24mm SFP Gen III Illuminated Riflescope




Equipped with the Advanced Combined Sighting System, this Primary Arms model is our number one pick.

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers agree that the SPF Gen III showcases excellent build quality, with many of them admiring the attractive finish that can take a bit of a beating. The average buyer appreciates this alternative to more high-end scopes, making it more accessible to the everyday shooter. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

Perhaps the most distinguishing component of this scope is the Advanced Combined Sighting System. This comprehensive system provides bullet drop compensation, wind holds, moving target leads, and range estimation—all of which are ideal for 300 Blackout users.

The easily adjustable turrets also make this scope a great pick for your 6.5 Grendel upper if you have one. Additionally, its aluminum design is durable yet lightweight, built to withstand inclement weather, fog, and bumps along the way.

Bottom Line

While some folks may think this scope is just a tad bit too heavy, overall, it offers an excellent package of features. It’s easy to look through, delivers good range, and allows for fast target acquisitions. This is a high-quality product with solid construction. 

Best Scope for 300 Blackout Subsonic

Trijicon 4×32 BAC ACOG Riflescope



The Trijicon 4×32 BAC ACOG Riflescope is designed for both simplicity and efficiency and is an excellent choice for 300 Blackout Subsonic.

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers rave about this scope’s superior glass. The clarity is impressive to many, and several individuals are also pleased about the ease of use and the ability to switch from super to subsonic ammo with adjusting the scope settings.

Why It Stands Out to Us

We can’t help but agree with what recent buyers are reporting. You truly can’t find many other 300 Blackout scopes with the clarity you get on this Trijicon model. You can see clear as day with even long-range targets, making it a great scope for hunting, target practice, and competitions. 

And the ease in switching between sub and supersonic ammo is more than ideal. Conveniently, you don’t have to make any adjustments. Plus, we love the excellent quality. 

Bottom Line

Many would argue that if you’re going to opt for a high-quality AR, you may as well finish the job by investing in high-quality accessories as well. The Trijicon 4×32 makes for an excellent addition to a top-notch gun, offering quick target acquisition, easy switching, and superb clarity.

Best Budget Option

Hi-Lux Optics 1-4x24mm CMR Illuminated Tactical RifleScopes for AK-47



You may need an affordable option to suit your budget, so we’ve chosen the high-quality Hi-Lux Optics CMR Illuminated Tactical scope as best for your wallet. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who have purchased and used this scope praise it for its ability to improve fast, long-range acquisition of targets. The clear glass makes it easy to see as far as 600 yards, and it offers easy control of magnification. Plus, it looks great and holds up well for long-term use.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This scope was actually designed specifically for a select few types of guns, like the AK-47 rifle but is still useful for .300 blackout rifles. That was a big initial indicator to us that this product was going to be a good one. 

The reticle on this scope incorporates an illuminated center circle and dot. This, in tandem with ranging brackets, allow shooters to acquire their targets quickly. The reticle also features bullet drop compensating hold over lines, which let you make up for longer distances and achieve accuracy.

Bottom Line

They say you get what you pay for, but some buyers may say you get a little more than what you pay for with the Hi-Lux Optics scope. It’s well-made, easy to use, and lightweight with a robust design sure to withstand various shooting conditions.

Trijicon ACOG 4×32 LED Riflescope




The Trijicon ACOG LED Riflescope uses LED illumination and impressive engineering to make it onto our list of top scopes for the 300 Blackout.

What Recent Buyers Report

While it’s hard to truly call a product “perfect,” many of this scope’s users have done just that. Several buyers have nothing bad to say about the Trijicon model at all. Buyers have experienced seamless use, clarity, and zeroing, and many appreciate the battery power, as it’s easier to replace. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

Overall, this Trijicon model offers enhanced user control that makes it user-friendly, which we love. It has an extremely straightforward brightness dial, which is very helpful in determining illumination—even in transitional lighting. 

Additionally, we love that the new mounting system optimizes performance. You can also use this scope with night vision devices, enhancing performance during nighttime shooting activities.

Bottom Line

It seems that the Trijicon ACOG LED Riflescope can do no wrong. The lithium batteries make for an ideal power source, the sights are easy to zero, and it features interchangeable subsonic and supersonic graduations. Just be sure to purchase a protective cover, as it doesn’t come with one.

Sightmark 1-6x24FFP Riflescope



An affordable scope that performs, the Sightmark 1-6x24FFP Riflescope makes a fantastic addition to your 300 Blackout. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers rave both about the performance of this scope and its affordable price. It comes with a certain level of clarity and durability that is highly praised in the firearms community, making it a hot commodity. Buyers also love its excellent range and the illuminated reticle, which changes from red to green.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Aside from competitive pricing, what makes this scope unique is its high-definition optics made from Japanese glass. This solid construction lends to crystal clear resolution, which eliminates the possibility of any distortions. 

The product also boasts a first-focal plane ballistically-matched CDC-300 reticle, which works with both subsonic and supersonic 300 Blackouts. The range is top-notch, reaching up to 800 yards, and is incredibly reliable.

Bottom Line

With features like the ones mentioned above, it’s hard to say anything about this scope except that it is exceptional. Not only is it a high-quality product, but it offers competitive pricing that makes it a hard one to turn down. 

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Scope for .300 Blackout

We can easily categorize the benefits of investing in a high-quality scope for your .300 Blackout into three main considerations: 

  • Range 
  • Lifespan
  • Precision

When you buy a scope, it’s best to reconcile upfront that it’s going to be an investment. Sure, you can find cheaper scopes on the market, but higher quality is going to serve you better in the categories listed above.

First, a well-made scope will help you secure a longer range. A clear lens with good magnification allows you to see further, and therefore shoot further. 

Second, a quality scope will also improve your precision. Good lenses use effective reticles and technology to help you hone in on your targets for better accuracy and reduced eye strain.

Finally, buying a high-quality scope may be an expensive investment, but it’s worth it to spend the money because it will last you a long time. 


True gun enthusiasts understand the value of a high-quality scope. Learning what makes these products excellent will get you improved accuracy, better range, and long-term use. Our guide offers some of the top 300 Blackout scopes on the market today, all of which will work great with your rifle.

People Also Ask

Read on for some commonly asked questions about the .300 Blackout. 

How much does a .300 Blackout drop at 100 yards?

A 300 Blackout gun drops about four inches at 100 yards. 

Why is .300 Blackout so popular?

The 300 Blackout is so popular in the United States because of its ability to fire both hypersonic and subsonic rounds. .300 Blackout cartridges are also incredibly common, and they give shooters a wide range of options lending to end-use.

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