Best Scope for 22lr Benchrest – 2021 Review Guide

Throughout the decades, shooters have favored the 22 long-range rifles (LR) over nearly any other gun available. 

Along with that, those who enjoy using a 22LR may also find benchrest shooting a favored activity.  

Most benchrest shooting participants find that they need a scope to help them in their long-range shooting endeavors. In this article, we’ll present to you the best scope for 22lr benchrest shooting. 

  • Best overall
  • Crystal clear glass optics for high magnification and less eye strain
  • Click dialing is easy and quick for each distance
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  • Best value for the money
  • Excellent quality and results at a budget price
  • Dead-hold BDC and illuminated reticle
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  • Best scope for 22lr competition
  • Great for close-up snap shooting and long-range targets
  • Reticle is simple and easy to use
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  • Small and compact design with a good fit and finish
  • Reticle is great for plinking
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
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What Makes a Scope for 22lr Great for Benchrest Shooting? 

Riflescopes can provide you with a host of benefits and put you ahead of the competition. Having a scope on top of your 22lr will give you higher accuracy when shooting shots from a long distance. As a result, you’ll receive higher scores in competition and satisfaction when you’re on the range. 

So what makes a rifle scope a worthy investment?

Long Range Accessibility

When you use a scope on a 22lr benchrest, you get the benefit of bringing faraway objects much closer. This allows you to take your time and get comfortable while aiming. Having a scope usually makes the shooting experience more successful because you can lock in long-range targets with ease. As a result, you’ll likely have a higher shot success rate. 

Increased Accuracy

When it comes to shooting targets, accuracy is essential. The goal is to aim as precisely as possible so that you make the least amount of attempts to hit your target. You’ll have better chances of doing just that if you use a scope for 22lr benchrest. This means you use fewer bullets and spend less time on the target.

Higher Competition Scores

If you take part in shooting competitions, a rifle scope can take your game from good to great. The best scope for 22lr benchrest will ensure you have the edge over the competition, as you’ll be able to zero in on your target and shoot with higher accuracy. 

Are Scopes for 22lr Benchrest Universal?

Yes, scopes for 22 long rifles are universal. Even though you can place any scope on a 22lr, it’s still much better to use a high-quality scope for an ideal shooting experience. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Scope for 22lr Benchrest? 

When thinking about finding the best scope for a 22lr benchrest, you’ll need to look at the scope’s overall features and consider a few factors.  


Guns can weigh quite a bit on their own, but put a heavy scope on the top of your rifle and see how carrying your weapon around feels after a while. A good scope will be lightweight enough that it doesn’t add too much bulk to your rifle but high-density enough that it will provide shock-absorbing benefits. 


If you already have a 22lr, definitely check the mounting system on the scope you’re looking at buying. Manufacturers provide this model information and mount types on their websites and in the product manuals. You can also find a wealth of information on mounting systems by doing a simple online search.

Lens Type

The lens installed in the scope is a huge feature to look at when purchasing the best scope for your 22lr benchrest. The lens quality will make a difference in ease and accuracy. 

You want something easy for you to see through, so the material is an important consideration. Some scopes are made from glass, while others are constructed of plastic. Glass lenses tend to provide more clarity, but they can weigh a bit more.

Review of Best Scope for 22lr Benchrest

There are many great rifle scopes on the market, but they aren’t all created equal. We’ve looked through the gamut of products and come up with this list of four of the best scopes for 22lr benchrest. 

Top Pick

Sightron SIII Long Range Scope

SIII Long Range Scope 10-50x 60 Reticle Type: Fine Crosshair



What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly every buyer who left a review about this scope said it provided fantastic value for the money. Although it’s not considered a budget buy, it’s less expensive than similar scopes available but is just as high quality. 

Buyers rave about the crystal clear optics and magnification. This scope provides no movement or canting and stays at zero. The result is dead-on grouping. Buyers also say it tracks well and can zero in on targets 675 yards away. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Sightron scope offers long-range optics and magnification between 10 and 50x. It has a 60mm lens, which offers an incredible field of view from the lower half of the available zoom levels. There’s also plenty of space at the higher end of the magnification range. 

The multi-coating process Sightron uses on the lenses provides an excellent sight picture. The coatings ensure optimal transmission of the available light and reduce any distortion you might experience on the upper half of the zoom. 

The Sightron scope also features eye relief that allows you to safely use the optic with rifles with high recoils. This means you won’t have to worry about the scope bucking back into your face and possibly giving you a bruised eye.

Bottom Line

The Sightron Long-Range Riflescope is meant for long-distance shooting, whether for hunting or target practice. It features everything a 22lr user could want in a scope for benchrest, including comforts like eye relief and top-notch optics. 

Best Budget Option

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescopes

Vortex Optics CF2-31015 Vortex Crossfire 2 4-12x44 Riflescope Deadhold BDC MOA , Black



What Recent Buyers Report

If you’re not able to spend thousands of dollars but don’t want to buy a cheap knock-off, the Vortex Crossfire II is the ideal solution. 

Buyers say the cheaper scopes tend to need tapping with casings after adjustments to help it settle into place, but the Vortex Crossfire II scope doesn’t have that problem. 

They also say the turrets work great and that once you have the scope at zero, you can take the turrets away with a flathead screwdriver and turn them back to zero. This will help with making small adjustments and give you a fixed baseline. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Vortex Crossfire is a versatile scope that works for hunting, games, and competitions. It has a variable magnification of between 2x and 7x. Additionally, you can match this magnification with any rifles that have the same mounting system. 

The scope features crosshair reticles that are good in various conditions, from hunting to target shooting to competitive sports. An adjustable turret with zero reset capacity makes adjusting the focus quickly a simple task. This is especially beneficial when you’re trying to hit a moving target. The locking system on the turrets also makes for more accurate shooting. 

Bottom Line

The Vortex Crossfire II is suitable for sportsmen looking for a scope with a wide range of features at an affordable price. It works just as well on the shooting range as it does in the field. It’s a well-made, reliable scope with all the basics, plus the clarity you need when hunting and shooting targets. 

Best Scope for 22lr Competition

Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen III – Illuminated

Primary Arms SLX 1-6x24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen III - Illuminated ACSS-5.56/5.45/.308



What Recent Buyers Report

The reviews are in, and many of them note how this scope makes target acquisition a quick and straightforward process. It may not provide a red dot or holographic, but the horseshoe and chevron provide the same accuracy. 

Buyers also say that the scope’s reticle can be lit using a dial range of up to 11x illumination. This feature is nice to use when dealing with brightly lit backgrounds. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you’re a competitive shooter or hunter who wants a scope with superb optics at a reasonable price, then the Primary Arms 1-6X24 will give you precisely what you need to shoot up to 800 yards. 

The scope’s second focal plane design keeps the reticle fixed at all magnifications, which gives you quick target acquisition no matter the magnification setting. 

The scope also features an aluminum tube that is fog and waterproof. The comfortable eyepiece is suitable for short recoil rifles. We also love the multi-coated lens (which gives less than 0.1% light loss) and true color fidelity. 

Bottom Line

You’ll find features on the Primary Arms 1-6X24 scope that you’ll regularly find on more expensive models. Not only will you get a superior scope and ACSS reticle, but a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty also backs you. If you’re a hunter, now’s the prime time to pick up this scope.

Primary Arms Classic Series 6x32mm Rifle Scope

Primary Arms Classic Series 6x32mm Rifle Scope - ACSS-22LR



What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of the Primary Arms 6X scope rave about its lightweight, compact size and the amount of clarity it provides.  

Featuring a 6X zoom, users can accurately shoot from 25 to 200 yards. The image is bright, clear, and parallax-free. They also comment that the turret adjustment is excellent, and the overall functionality of the scope is solid. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

Blind range estimations are a thing of the past, especially when you have a scope like the Primary Arms 6X32.

This scope model features an ACSS 22LR reticle that you can combine with a 1022 or other .22 rifle. The ACSS takes reticle design to the next level by connecting bullet drop compensation with range estimation and wind holds. This all-in-one system is simple to use and works well for hunting, plinking, and competition shooting. 

The reticle increases accuracy while decreasing time spent on targets and is perfect for shooting range clays, bottles, cans, and the like.

Bottom Line

This scope just works! Its functionality is superb and works well for various shooting conditions, including plinking and small game hunting. The audible and tactile finger-adjustable turrets make it simple to adjust for wind and elevation. Everything comes together for increased accuracy and a pleasant shooting experience. 

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Scope for 22lr Benchrest 

Here’s the thing – if you don’t match your rifle with a quality scope for 22lr benchrest, your shooting performance won’t improve. That’s why, even if you’re a hobbyist, it’s crucial to invest in a high-quality scope to use with your rifle. 

Moves Your Target Closer

Firearms like long rifles can’t reach beyond a certain point. Even if you consider yourself an accurate shot, you can’t go above and beyond without a bit of technical help. That’s where the riflescope for benchrest saves the day (and your shot!). It not only helps boost the range of your shot, but it will improve your distance accuracy. 

Expands Your Vision

Another advantage of using rifle scopes is that they allow you to move down in magnification, usually down to a minimum of 1.5x. This is like putting on a pair of glasses or looking through a telescope. It expands your vision, and you can use it at any range. 

Helps You Identify a Target Quickly

The best scope for 22lr benchrest also makes identifying a target from a long distance much more comfortable and quicker. This comes in handy when you can’t get closer (like when deer hunting, for example) to your target. 


No matter what kind of shooting you do, whether hunting, target practice, plinking, or competition shooting, you’ll always benefit from having the best scope for 22lr benchrest. Scopes make long-distance shooting much easier since you’ll have a clear, magnified target set before you.

People Also Ask

Choosing the best scope for your 22lr benchrest may be difficult at first, but the more you know about the product, the easier it will be for you to decide. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions from 22lr users:

Can You Put Any Scope on a 22?

Scopes are typically universal, but that doesn’t mean that they will all meet your requirements. It’s important to understand what makes a good scope and what to look for in the best scopes before making any large purchases. 

What Is a Good Size Scope for a 22?

Scopes are not one-size-fits-all, meaning you need to consider your shooting habits, budget, and objectives before you can find the perfect fit. 

That being said, scopes with objective lenses measuring above 40mm can give you greater clarity and more range. 

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