11 Common Mistakes of Reloading & How To Avoid Them

reloading common mistakeFacing problems while loading your ammunition?

Well, buddy, you are making some mistakes – chances are really high. A lot of people make these mistakes. And sometimes, they pay for it with their lives.

Tragic!  Isn’t it?

Now, we don’t want this kinda accident to take place. That’s why I am gonna talk about some common mistakes that we make while reloading.

Also, I will give you some solutions to them as well.

Let’s start.

Common Mistakes of Reloading & the Solutions to It

I have picked eleven of them. And I have tried to push the troubleshoot after each point of this section. Here you have the commonest of mistakes below;

 1. Powder Charge Errors

It is the most common mistake. People either load wrong powder or extra powder. It is also a perilous slip. Putting the wrong or more powder can cause serious injury.

It can harm your body badly because these come out of your ammunition in a jiffy. The operator will have no time to react at all.

 How to Avoid: When you examine the cartridge, check the amount of powder. Make sure every single cartridge has the same volume of powder.

Furthermore, while you are loading multiple cartridges, keep the powders separate. Load them separately.


2. Cracked Case

cracked casesThe cases may have micro cracks around their neck, shoulder or body. And often it goes unnoticed.  After firing, the cracked cases may fall into the face of the shooter.

Superheated gases may also flow from the cracked cases. It is quite dangerous. It may cause an explosion as well.

How to Avoid: Check the cases. Go through every one of them before reloading. Check the neck, shoulder and full body of the cases.



3. Excessive Use of Sizing Lube

Due to the extreme use of sizing lube, you will face divots in cases. It happens especially with bottlenecked rifle cases. A tiny vent hole is there in most cases to assist excessive lube in escaping. But these lubes have an insufficient efficiency.

If you apply too much lube, it will build up in the die. Unfortunately, lube is not compressible. So the buildups create dents in the malleable brass cases.

The impact of this mistake is huge enough. The divots can diminish case capacity. They can cause fatigue also. It may eventually lead to cracking.

How to Avoid: It is straightforward. Don’t use extra lube. It may seem helpful for the time being. But in the long run, it has a very negative impact.


4. Wrong Primer Seating

Two cases are possible. Either the primer is not seated deep enough, or it is sitting very deep.

In the first case, the primer reaches the back end of the cartridge. Primers are very sensitive. If it does not go deep enough, the cartridge can be ignited early. It also affects the cycling of the weapon.

Again, when the primer goes pretty deep, it becomes more sensitive. Maybe some part of the primer will be crushed. It can affect the firing and cycling also.

 How to Avoid: You should inspect the cartridge to avoid this mistake. Examine it properly after you have put the primer in.


5. Untrimmed Cases

A lot of time, people use the untrimmed cases. And, it is not good at all. Bolt action chamber cases that are too long.

But when the neck is long, it starts to crush against the end of the chamber. That’s why accuracy decreases. Cases of excessive length, cripple Semi-autos.

 How to Avoid: You should grit the teeth and trim cases when they go out of spec. It’s important. Otherwise, you will suffer.


6. Excessive Seating of Bullet

A lot of rifles shoot their best with bullets seated too far. But there are some hunter type rifles as well. You can shoot soft, match type bullets from them. And, they seat on hand loaded bullets.

If you remove a loaded cartridge, there is a significant risk. The bullet may stick in the riffle. The case will pull off of it.  You may lose your hunter gun if you make this mistake.

 How to Avoid: When you are using some hunter rifle don’t pull the cartridge when it is loaded. Make the cartridge empty. Then you can easily remove it.


7. Mistakes of Crimping

It is also a widespread mistake.

It causes issues with cycling the weapon, because it creates a budge in the cartridge. If you are trying to enter, this bulge can cause it to hang up.

Even if the case isn’t crimped enough, it can also cause the problem. The projectile comes out of the casing a bit. It also creates problems with loading as well as cycling.

How to Avoid: You should develop a process of crimping as well as inspecting. You should examine your ammunition regularly. It will save you from bigger accidents.


8. Shaved Bullets

When you seat bullets into a new rifle, the inner edge of cartridge mouth will shave fine curls of copper. It will cut from the bullet as soon as it enters. It also happens in unfired cases and once fired cases.

The bullet gets shaved by the inner edge as it is crisp ninety degree. A big accident can occur from this mistake. It may cause life also.

 How to Avoid: You need to prevent that shaving of bullets. You may change the angular dimension of the inner edge of the cartridge. That will help surely.


9. Extra Crimping

Nothing excessive is good. It is applicable in this case also. Crimping is very important for a bullet. It saves the bullet from movement. But additional crimping hampers the bullet.

It creates bulges just below the crimp area. It establishes a cartridge that will most likely fail to chamber. If you seat a bullet and crimp it, the accident is most likely to occur. It will cause a problem to the ammunition.

  How to Avoid: Check the bullet. If it is extra crimped, it’s better not to use. You can seat and crimp all the bullets at the same time. It will not cause problems.


10. Insufficient Crimping

If you don’t crimp the bullets enough, that is also a problem. It causes problems during loading and cycling. The bullet may pop out of the cartridge as well.

 How to Avoid: Always try to crimp your bullets enough. Check the bullets before you load it. It will help you to sort out the situation.


11. Inadequate Seating of Bullet

This is also a huge problem. This kind of mistake changes the direction of the bullet. Your bullet might hit someone unexpectedly.

It may lead that person to death also.

 How to Avoid: You need to check your bullet carefully. You should be very careful while loading it. Hopefully, your awareness will prevent this accident.


Wrapping up

we have talked about all the mistakes. I am sure you can realize how dangerous these mistakes can prove.

You might pay them with some lives. So, my friend, be very careful. Safe firing!

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  1. I thank you for your interest in educating us young shooters, gunsmiths and reloaders. Your research and experience is appreciated. One thing though. And I do not mean to sound ungrateful but, try to reread your work before posting it. It is very hard to understand and has to be reread several times to understand what you are trying to say.

  2. 11. Inadequate Seating of Bullet
    “This is also a huge problem. This kind of mistake changes the direction of the bullet. Your bullet might hit someone unexpectedly.” Are you trying to claim that added bullet jump can cause a bullet to leave the muzzle at an extreme angle? You write like English is your second or third language. I was surprised to read you have any kind of teaching background. This article was very vague and extremely hard to read.

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