Are you thinking about to reload your ammo?

reloading brass vs nickel plated brassTrying to save some money by reloading?

Can’t decide which metal to go for?

Then look no further. Because this article will answer your inquiries.

The main two option when it comes to reloading is brass and nickel plated brass. Now both of these have their benefits and downside in many ways.

Here I will try to explain the pros and cons of both brass and nickel plated brass. So that you can take a good decision about which one you should go for.

Brass vs nickel plated brass in terms of reloading:

One of the most used material when it comes to ammo and reloading is brass and nickel. Nowadays nickel plated brass is also in use in a great amount.

There is some definite reason for choosing brass and nickel plated brass for reloading.

What is Reloading Brass:

Brass is mainly an alloy of copper and zinc. It is the one of the primary material for making case for cartridges.


Reasons for choosing brass (pros):


Cons of Brass:

Despite on tons of good sides, the brass casing has its disadvantage also.


So if you decide to go for brass, then there are some factors you need to keep in mind, Such as:


New or once Fired:

New brass is exactly the name said, they are new and never been used. They only have imperfection from the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, the latter is once used or fired once from a gun. This one may not last as long as the new one.

But still, the decision also includes money and availability. So make your choice.

 Characteristic of brass:

Judge the quality of the brass you are buying. Cause, not all sample will have the same quality as the testing one. So try to find a trustworthy and authorize distributor.

And make sure the weight and thickness of the brass casing are constant in the same lot. Otherwise, it will become difficult to maintain safety and proper order.


Almost all retailer offers a huge discount on purchasing in a great amount at a time. So don’t forget to push your luck a little further and get as much as the discount you can get. This will save you a lot of money on the go.


Primed Or Unprimed:

Prime brassPrimed brass is easier to use in the first round as you can use it right after inserting. But you have to change the powder and temper to make everything goes right.

But with the unprimed one, you don’t have to change anything. This one is cheaper as well.

So the decision is yours to make.

Now let’s discuss the nickel plated brass.


What is Nickel plated brass:

Nickel plated brass is still brass with a coating of nickel on the surface done by electroplating. The core is pure brass.


Pros of nickel plated brass:

Nowadays many professional companies have started nickel plated brass in their manufacturing process. The reasons behind choosing the nickel plated brass are quite a few.


Cons of nickel plated brass:


Final words:

Now all the pros and cons of both brass and nickel plated brass has been discussed, it’s your turn to decide. Go for the one that suits your needs the most.

Since the main aim of reloading is to save money, you can go for brass if the other cons don’t bother you as brass offers lots of benefits in low price. There are many other options to buy brass at a cheaper price.

But if you decide to go for nickel plated one, it’s still a good option to try. Just remember, the coating is only nickel, the core is still brass in this case. The nickel plated ones are corrosion resistant and remain shiny after a long time.

The main problem with the nickel plated one has to do with the reloading. But still, find a good one to get your job done.

Don’t forget to check the metal quality before buying them. And give a trial each time before you are going use them for real.

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