Best Reloading Scale – 2022 Top Picks

Many hunters and marksmen find that reloading ammunition can save money versus constantly having to purchase new factory ammo boxes. However, reloading casings is not always the simplest task and may seem too time-consuming to bother with at first glance.

Buying a quality reloading scale will make reloading your ammo more efficient, and ultimately, save you time and money in the long term. Whether you prefer manual (or beam) or digital, reloading scales today provide fast, accurate readings so you can spend less time measuring out materials.

A reloading scale is much like other scales you would think of, except they generally come with dispensers and dishes to hold fine powders. Often, they are versatile and feature different units of measurement so that you can measure other materials with them.

Reloading scales are generally easy to use, but make sure you start by finding a stable spot to use them. Decide if you want to operate using batteries or by plugging into a wall plug. Some digital scales need to wait 24 hours of run time before their first use. Be sure to follow the instructions to calibrate your scale and then before you weigh your materials. Once you’re done, zero out your scale and turn it off.

  • Best overall
  • Compact space saver
  • Provides fast reading results
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  • One pound hopper capacity
  • Measures in different units
  • Fast, easy powder reloading
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  • Best value for the money
  • Comes with a protective box
  • Spring tension is set right
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  • Best beam scale
  • Magnetic damper for quick readings
  • Easy to read marks
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  • Best electronic
  • Easy viewing with large LCD display
  • Two calibration weights included
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What to Look for When Buying a Reloading Scale?

Once you’ve decided to buy a reloading scale, there are several features to look for to get the most bang for your buck.


A seasoned marksman knows that even the slightest variations in gunpowder significantly affect the results of the bullets being shot. Look for a scale that measures at least one-tenth grain accuracy. Even slight variations in the bullet head itself can change the accuracy of the reloaded round – that’s why many pros measure their bullets to double check the repoted grain weight.


Reloading scales should save you time when reloading your ammunition. Scales with attached dispensers allow you to load more gunpowder at a time and then measure it out more efficiently.


Look for a reliable reloading scale with a legible screen that is easy to use. If you plan on weighing multiple materials, consider a scale that reads out different units of measurement to save you from having to buy more than one solution.

Power Source

Some scales only allow for a wall plugin while others are battery operated. Battery operated scales often feature an automatic shut-off option to preserve your battery. If you don’t have much wall space or are looking for portability, look for a battery-operated scale.

Review of the Best Reloading Scale

Whether you’re looking for your first scale or you are an experienced owner looking for an upgrade, we’ve made your search easier. Here, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best reloading scales that will save you time spent reloading your ammo and money spent on wasted materials due to inaccurate measurements.

Best Overall

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Precision Scale with LCD Display, Auto Shut-Off, Case for Accurate Measurements, Reloading



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have said that this Frankford Arsenal scale is durable and provides consistent results whether you choose to plug it in or use batteries. This compact scale can fit in most homes, apartments, or small spaces. For best results, calibrate it after each use. The calibration feature is quick and easy to use.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Frankford Arsenal platinum series scale tops our list as the best reloading scale for its high-tech digital display and superior accuracy. It runs off 110V, 220V, or four AAA batteries with an auto shut off after one minute to preserve battery life.

This versatile scale uses two calibration weights for three-point calibration and can measure in tare function. It features podium indentations to index arrow shafts and features a 100-gram capacity.

Store all components in a rigid carrying case that comes as a complete kit with all parts included.

  • Scale
  • Calibration weights
  • Metal powder pan
  • Protective cover
  • 110V power supply
  • 220V adaptor 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for consistent, accurate readings, consider the Frankford Arsenal platinum series scale as our top pick. Its compact design is durable and portable with the included carrying case. The versatile design allows for a clean digital display through battery operation or by plugging into an outlet.

Runner Up

RCBS 98923 ChargeMaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser Green



What Recent Buyers Report

The RCBS ChargeMaster scale is built to last. Some users have reported owning this durable runner up choice for nearly a decade and still receive fast correct readings.

Its quick reloading times make it a great choice if you need to load large amounts of ammo at a time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ChargeMaster scale is an easy-to-use electronic scale that features intuitive controls and a digital display. One of its key features is its alphanumeric keypad that remembers your favorite load recipes with its memory buttons.

The attached dispenser allows for superior reloading times and has over one pound holding capacity. To get the most accurate readings, use the trickle button that slowly dispenses small amounts of powder onto your pan with a grain accuracy of plus or minus 0.1. Save yourself time and money spent on ammo with the ChargeMaster scale’s fast, accurate readings.

Bottom Line

This upgraded RCBS ChangeMaster features its convenient reloading powder dispenser to quickly and correctly measure your ammo. However, be sure you only load smokeless powder into its dispenser.

Get everything you need to make quick work of reloading your ammo.

  • Powder dispenser
  • Electronic scale
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

Best Beam Scale

Hornady 050109 Lock-N-Load Balance Beam Scale

Hornady Lock-N-Load Beam Scale - Analog Powder Scale for Reloading Tasks - 0 to 500 Grain Precise Measurement Range, Accurate to 0.1 Grain - Easy to Read, Laser Etched Scale - Item 050109



What Recent Buyers Report

The Hornady balance beam scale is a reliable, accurate scale for a mid-range price. It is sensitive to even the smallest amounts of powder, and the magnetic damper quickly settles the beam for fast readings.

This high-quality scale is heavier than its electronic competitors, but it is easy to set up and extremely durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While electronic scales are more lightweight and portable, this best beam scale is heavy-duty and reliable. Its hardened pivot pins and bearings provide added durability, while the sensitive pan is accurate plus or minus 0.1 grain and allows for measurements up to 500-grain capacity. The measuring bar is laser etched, so it is easy to read and doesn’t fade over time.

Hornady offers different measuring tools that work well with its beam scale, including micrometers, calipers, and powder precision tools to measure rim thickness and bullet seating depth and uniformity.

Bottom Line

The classic, time-proven accuracy of hand-operated scales makes the Hornady 050109 our best beam scale pick. The sensitivity of this scale picks up something tiny powder samples as small as 1/10 of a grain.

Best Budget Option

Truweigh Sharpshooter Digital Reloading Scale

Truweigh Marksman Digital Reloading Scale - (100g x 0.005g - Black) - Digital Milligram Scale - Powder Scale for Reloading - Ammo Scale - Reloading Equipment Scale - Grain Scale - Precision Scale



What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers appreciate the affordable price range of the Truweigh Marksman digital reloading scale. It is easy to set up and calibrate and a good value for the cost.

The packaging is protective and supportive to preserve the scale, and it’s an accurate, compact option to weigh your ammo on a budget.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This low-cost digital scale allows for readings as low as 0.005 grams and up to a maximum of 100 grams. Easily convert between grams, ounces, carats, or grains. It features one-button calibration and a backlit LCD display for easy reading. Easily weigh your ammo, gold, postage, jewelry, and more. This best budget buy also doubles as a kitchen scale weighing yeast, flour, and sugar.

The auto-off power saver enables at 180 seconds and can be disabled, and boasts built-in overload protection. A 10-year warranty provides peace of mind and protection from manufacturer defects.

Bottom Line

The Truweigh Marksman digital reloading scale joins our list as the best budget option as a high-quality digital scale at a price that won’t break the bank. Easily set up and operate this scale with its intuitive buttons and backlit LCD screen.

Best Electronic

Hornady 050111 Electronic Scale

Hornady 050108 Electronic Scale, 1500 Grain,Red



What Recent Buyers Report

This best electronic scale is compact and fits in most garages, apartments, and small spaces. It is easy to calibrate and gives accurate readings within manufacturer specifications of 0.1 grain.

Be sure to place this scale on a sturdy, stable surface for best readings. The scale is sensitive to motion, so consider your environment before using it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This high capacity scale holds up to 1500 grain in its reloading reservoir to quickly reload a lot of ammo. Precision measuring helps you load your ammo recipe promptly.

The scale is accurate within 0.1 grain and displays on a high-quality LCD display that is easy to read. Efficient calibration allows you to change units of measurement with no hassle.

Hornady offers micrometers and calipers for more accurate measurements. This package includes everything you need to get started.

  • Two calibration weights
  • 220V adaptor
  • AC adaptor
  • Metal powder pan

Bottom Line

The Electronic Bench Scale 1500 is a high-quality scale that is great whether you’re new or an experienced reloading scale owner. The two calibration weights allow for accurate readings. This best electronic scale is made from the same precision load cell found in the Hornady Lock-N-Load auto charge.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Reloading Scale

Here are the advantages of owning a reloading scale.

Accurate Weight

Reloading scales allow you to accurately weigh powder, cases, projectiles, and more within fractions of measurements that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Relying on reloading scales for the most accurate weight can drastically reduce reload times and save you money.

Scale Capacity

If you plan to reload large amounts of ammunition, look for a reloading scale with a higher capacity. Look for attached or compatible dispensers that can hold more ammo while you’re weighing and can trickle out small amounts for increased accuracy in your readings.

Easy to Use

Operating reloading scales are generally the same and intuitive thanks to some universal button icons. Simply choose the unit of weight you are measuring, and pour out your powder or reloading equipment.

While modern reloading scales are generally easy to use, digital scales can provide quick and easy readings that you may not get with a manual scale.


While reloading scales are perfect for loading your ammo, they are helpful with many different tasks. It doubles as a kitchen scale at home, allowing you to measure out flour, spices, or other ingredients. Use a reloading scale for other hobbies and jobs like measuring postage or gold.


Reloading scales allow you to save money from buying new bullets every time you want to hunt or shoot. Consider this list when looking for a high-quality scale that provides accurate readings and modern features for more efficient measuring.

People Also Ask

There are many types of reloading scales from which to choose. Features range from holding capacity to durability to display options. There are benefits to owning both manual and digital reloading scales, depending on your experience and comfort levels. Consider these frequently asked questions when trying to determine the best reloading scale to buy.

What is the Most Accurate Reloading Scale?

Most manufacturers promote a 0.1 plus or minus range of accuracy. However, our top pick of the Frankford Arsenal platinum series precision scale has top reviews for being the most consistently accurate.

Our runner up RCBS 98923 ChargeMaster combination scale and dispenser is also a top choice for accuracy because you can slowly trickle out your material from the dispenser for more accurate reloading.

Which Scale is More Accurate: Digital, or Balance?

Balance scales have long been the preferred choice for the most precise measurements, but they can be more time-consuming. Ultimately, choosing between a digital or balance scale comes down to preference. A balance scale is only as good as your eye when determining measurement; whereas, a digital scale can zero out electronic pulls or environmental forces that may be swaying your readings.

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