Best Powder Measure For Reloading: 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

best powder measureLooking for recommendations for a new powder measure?

You are in the right place.

If you do not want to manually weigh and then administer the powder for every single round that you reload, then you should think about investing in the best powder measure.

But which one is best for you really?

Well, we believe it’s a matter of perspective.

There are many questions here, including, do you want cheap, or are you looking for relatively inexpensive? Is it for single stage press operation or use with a progressive press? Do you need continuous adjustment?

However,  in this article, we tried to review the top five powder measures according to us & a buying guide that will surely help make your purchasing decision




Top 5 Powder Measure Comparison Table

  • Best overall
  • An efficient and practical design
  • Dispenses powder accurately
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  • Works well with different powder types
  • Consistent
  • Fast and accurate measurements
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  • Best value for the money
  • Consistency
  • Convenient setup
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  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • A beautiful design that you cannot take your eyes off
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  • Easy to clean
  • Calibration is easy
  • Stores different loads
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Top 5 Best Powder Measure Reviews

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

Hornady 050068 Lock-N-Load Auto Charge, Red It seems that it is getting quite challenging to pick the top reloading powder measure. But worry not, we have a buying guide for you later in this article.

We are bringing back another Hornady item to this list. This time, it is the Auto Charge, a fine example of both design and functionality.

What makes the Auto Charge different from the regular Hornady powder measure is that it combines the functions of a powder trickler with an electric scale. This allows for an almost perfect powder charge every time.

You might think that this setup complicates the device. On the contrary, it just adds to the Auto Charge’s finesse.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and Hornady has designed a machine that does the job well without sending you through complex processes. The Auto Charge is not that big (which we like), and comes with a simple instruction manual. It even comes with an easy-to-read display and a keypad that is simple to operate.

Auto Charge is also nice and consistent when it comes to a complete reload. There are times when you might receive an overcharge, but that is something you should expect from practically every powder measure.

You can choose the speed at which you want to dispense the powder. If you are aiming to load in as many charges as possible within the hour, then you should go ahead and pick the fast setting. Do note, however, that this could lead to an overcharge. For other purposes (and to get more accurate results), you should select the standard or slow setting.



2. RCBS Competition Powder Measure-Combo

RCBS Competition Powder Measure-Combo Are we ready to unveil the best powder measure for reloading? Not quite. All of the products on this list have their advantages and disadvantages.

With the RCBS, we were able to load large-caliber rounds (such as the .308) quickly and accurately. When we switched to pistol calibers, we found that we could repeat the results.

What sets it apart from the other powder measures on this list? One thing is, it was relatively easier to make small corrections to the measurements.

The Uniflow dispenses powder consistently and evenly. When we switched to small powders, there was no leaking. This is important when you are looking to switch between different powders and have the same consistency.

You will also be able to change from charge to charge without having to empty the powder hopper. That means you get to spend more time getting the measurements you want and spend less time on minute adjustments.

However, we still recommend using a high-quality powder scale. This will be particularly useful when you have to set the original charge and then check the charge occasionally when running the Uniflow.

We do have to admit that the RCBS does not impress us in the look department. While we are not complaining about aesthetics (especially when we are paying attention to our loads), it would still be a bonus to have a good-looking setup.

Overall, we were impressed with the Uniflow. It functions superbly. It comes with a stand plate so that you can mount it on a table or bench, and it is capable of measuring all three major powder types – cylindrical, ball, and flake.



3. Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measurer

Lee Precision 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red) Lee perfect powder measure is arguably the best powder measure under $100They’re made of nylon, are cheap, are easy to adjust, are accurate, and get the job done very well.

The thing we like best about it is that when it is time to empty the hopper, you give the hopper a quarter turn, lift it off, and pour your powder back into your container.

You can either load it into a funnel or directly into a case mouth. We have had great success in filling up the load without much spillage, as a testimony to Lee Precision’s quality.

This powder measure is perfect for reloading rifle cases and certain types of pistol cases. We recommend it for the rifle ones though, unless you are Jason bourne in the streets of Turkey.

You can determine the powder’s weight by adjusting a rotating meter. We discovered that we had to fine-tune the adjustment for a while before we could reach the powder weight that we wanted.

However, once we nailed the right measurement, we did not have to touch the powder measure again.

Through this consistency, you can significantly increase the number of rounds you load per hour.

The device is also easy to utilize and gives you a degree of convenience. You have the option of clamping it to a table or screwing it to a surface. Either way, you can use the powder measure in a manner that suits you best.

We recommend Lee Precision for anyone who is out to get started on powder measures. It is easy to use and provides consistency, both of which you will require for the perfect reload.



4. Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Measure

Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure,Red Our first suggestion to you folks – before you begin using the Lock-N-Load – is to make sure you clean the device thoroughly. We realized that the device works best after the pre-setup maintenance.

With that handy tip, let us move on to the features.

One noticeable advantage of the Hornady is that it prevents any leakages. With other powder measures, you will find leakages when using fine powder. The Lock-N-Load has zero leakings and when coupled with the pistol rotor, provides accurate charges.

The Lock-N-Load has impressive quality.  Its construction is solid and looks pleasing. It also comes with an optional stand, which we were eager to try out. When we mounted the device on the stand, we were in for another pleasant surprise.

The powder measure catches on to the stand like a vice. The arrangement is solid, and the operation is smooth. It almost feels like something out of the Transformers movie. In fact, we might call the Hornady lock-n-load “Optimus prime”.

When it comes to accuracy, the Hornady is impressive. We tried it with the Winchester 650 ball powder, and we got precise measurements. Next, we used an unconventional product – sugar!

That is right. Sugar has an almost similar consistency to gunpowder. Our measurements were off a few times, but with minor adjustments, we started getting more accurate results. However, we did find this to be a rather tedious process.

The powder measure comes equipped with case tubes.  Compared to a funnel, this is a better alternative. Using the tubes, we were able to fit most cases for reloading.



5. Rcbs Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser We enjoyed using Hornady’s electronic dispenser (the Auto Charge). But is it the best electronic powder measure?

We have to admit that it is not. That is because that title goes to the RCBS Chargemaster Scale and Dispenser Combo. There is a lot to say about this device so let us get started right away.

The Chargemaster is an advanced machine for measuring gunpowder. It does not only supplies you with an accurate powder measure tool but also includes other excellent features such as the memory function.

RCBS wants to assist its customers as much as possible.  To achieve that, they have included an instruction manual that is simple to understand (even for people who are not tech-savvy).

You will also find a weight included that you can use to check the chargemaster scale for accuracy. This is important if you are a match shooter as getting the exact charge each time will assist with your shooting.

When it comes to changing powder, we found out that it was a several step process. You will find out that the powder trickle tube will have powder residue in it, so it is best to clean it thoroughly.

However, the machine dispenses the powder accurately. It also maintains consistency when it dispenses the powder. We also discovered that the machine makes the work less tedious, which provides you with more loads per hour than other automatic powder measures.

The chargemaster is somewhat temperature sensitive. This is a minor complaint that we have in an otherwise fantastic piece of machinery. We would wish that RCBS had paid more attention to this minor, though noticeable fault.



What to Look For Before Buying The Best Powder Measure

Here are a few factors to consider before heading over to purchase your powder measure. After all, your charges should not be having trouble during your shooting sessions!

Manual vs Automatic

A lot of you might think that there is no need to make a choice. The automatic is easier to use and therefore, there is no point even considering the manual options of powder measures.

However, an automatic machine involves a lot more maintenance. If you are comfortable spending extra time cleaning and maintaining your powder measure, then you can easily choose the automatic devices. You will receive a lot more features to work within the process.


While a lot of powder measures guarantee quality – and in many cases – additional features, there is no point in getting your machine if it does not consistently pour the right measurements.

There will always be a change in the pour with a tenth of the amount. That is something you should expect with nearly all dispensers. It is a problem if the change occurs more frequently than is required.

Features and adjustability

perfect powder measureYou do not want to land yourself in a situation where your powder measure works well with large charges but loses accuracy with smaller charges.

Many powder measures allow you to adjust settings for a variety of charges. We think that this feature is an indicator of a good powder measure.

Other features that you can consider are universal stands, extra hoppers, or other gadgets to make your job easier. Or you might even be looking for a machine that is best for extruded powder. Whatever your requirement, check the features of the powder measure before purchasing it.


We know that many of the powder measures are of good quality. Therefore, it is only natural to expect them to remain in good quality for a long time.

You do not want to experience a breakdown in the machine during a crucial time like the hunting season for example.

That is why checking the durability of the machine through retailers, suppliers, or through articles such as ours, should give you the ammunition (no pun intended) to make a sound purchasing decision.

When in doubt, we always recommend that you conduct thorough research before finalizing your decision.


Yes, that powder measure you saw online sure looks good. It will also affect really good on your wallet.

Try not to look for features such as the design of the product if you are on a tight budget. Rather, understand what you want to get out of the powder measure. Think about the charges per hour you would like to prepare. Now carefully compare your requirements to the features of the product.

  • Does it perform the job to your satisfaction?
  • Do you really need all the additional features?
  • Are you a beginner or an expert sharpshooter?

If you can answer those questions, you can make a well-informed decision and save a lot of buck in the process.

Customer Support

The connection between the consumer and the manufacturer does not simply end upon the purchase of the product. Many companies are putting a lot of effort into their after-sale practices.

To you, this should be important as well. Once you have made the purchase, you might experience some bumps along the way. Even the top brands have their own technical glitches.

The problem now is not that they have these hindrances. You can always bear the minor drawbacks of your purchase. The problem occurs when the manufacturer is not responsive or barely attentive to your complaints and communication.

You do not want that. You have made an investment in the product, and you should always look for good customer support.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method to clean the powder measure tube?

You can wipe it with a dryer shit so that powder doesn’t stick or keep a small paintbrush on the bench to get the stuck powder out.

Is it important to pay attention to how you mount the powder measure?

Yes, it is. If the device is wiggling around, it will not yield consistent results no matter how many adjustments you make.

Is it okay to leave powder in the powder measure overnight?

Overnight, yes. Unless you have some pretty whacked out humidity levels.

How to test the consistency of the machine?

After you have filled the hopper, make at least 10 to 15 dummy charges as a test. This will give you an indication of the machine’s consistency.

Should I tap on the side of the hopper in order to level the powder?

We recommend that you do not tap on the side of the hopper to level the powder. You do not need to do this at all.

What do I do if the powder clings to the hopper?

To solve this problem, simply empty the hopper first, wash it, and then dip it in a soapy water solution. Let it dry before putting it back on again.



So, there you have it, fellow shooters and gun enthusiasts. We hope you got an idea on how to choose the best powder measure. Go through our buying guide and FAQs as well for more inspiration.

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