5 Best Digital Reloading Scale (2020)

digital reloading scaleStarting your path as an ammunition reloader will require a variety of tools if you want to perform at an optimum level. There are many you’ll have to get, but perhaps one of the most important is the reloading scale.

The reloading scale is a measuring tool to keep track of just how much powder remains on each cartridge, or how much you’ll need to reload. There are two types of reloading scales: digital and mechanical. We’ll discuss the first one here.

In our article, we’ll cover the top five options currently available in the market, with our hopes being that you find your best digital reloading scale.


Top 5 Digital Reloading Scale Reviews

The following are the top five digital reloading scales available for us. If you’re not sure what you need, go further down below, and you’ll find an extensive guide about the features you must consider while purchasing.

1. Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale
Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

While you can use this scale for many things, its best use would be to reload pistol rounds. A couple of the calibers the tool covers are 9mm, and .45.

Thanks to the scale’s lightweight and compact design, placing it almost everywhere around the house or at work is more than a possibility.

This digital scale powers up through batteries, and the purchase includes a pair of them. However, the batteries included have proven to be unreliable. They’re not that powerful, which naturally leads to the scale requiring a new pair shortly after you get it.

After you get a suitable pair of batteries, the scale quickly turns into one of the most efficient powder measurement tools. It helps that the price is fairly low, making the scale an affordable and portable device that both experienced and un-experienced reloaders can use.

It is incredibly good for pistol rounds, and it will pick up the powder measurements both quickly and easily. This tool won’t consume much space either, which is convenient for most of us.

People looking for efficient and easy-to-use devices will find this scale to be one of the best at what it does. It comes calibrated, which reduces the amount of adjustment you’d have to make as you get it out of the package.


  • A perfect tool for pistol rounds
  • Accuracy while weighing and doing measurements
  • Portable and compact design
  • Comes calibrated


  • May have issues with rifle rounds
  • Awful quality of the batteries included

Bottom Line

This scale is the perfect choice when you decide to work with pistol rounds. It delivers accuracy, precision, and thanks to its compact design, users could take the scale with them from home to the workplace easily.


2. RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac-US/Intl

RCBS Scale Chargemaster Lite
RCBS Scale Chargemaster Lite

Our next pick is a little bulkier when compared to the others. Even then, this scale manages to meet all of our expectations with little to no disadvantages at all.

As you can see from the product listing, it is a green digital scale, and it will dispense an amount of 2 to 300 grains.

The precision of this scale is outstanding. It will deliver the data you need to measure every bit of powder with great accuracy, allowing you to use the right amount for the cartridges; no more, no less.

Additionally, the materials used to create the scale are high-quality. They make the tool feel lightweight, and their durability is worth mentioning too. The only real issue you may encounter is the LCD display, which is rather small. Either way, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Even though we encountered issues while trying to set the scale to zero, once we got there, the device performed perfectly. It offers precise measurements for powder, allowing us to use that component efficiently, without wasting anything.

The reason why you’d want this tool is because of its high compatibility with different cartridges. Since it is a versatile scale, you’ll be able to use it as you work with a 9mm caliber, but also when you need to handle .223 rifle ammunition.


  • High-quality construction materials
  • Great capacity
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Compatibility with many calibers


  • The LCD display is a bit small
  • Complicated to set the scale to initial zero

Bottom Line

This scale is a little bigger than most, but once you’ve found the perfect place to set it up, you’ll be off to a good start as a reloader. The incredible features, the capacity to work with cartridges of different calibers, and the accurate measurement are only a couple of the reasons why you’d like it.


3. Frankford Arsenal Precision Scale for Reloading

Frankford Arsenal Precision Scale for Reloading
Frankford Arsenal Precision Scale

This scale offers a 1,500 grains capacity, working at .1 grain of accuracy. When compared to Hornady’s, they both share this similarity.

Nonetheless, this one does a better job at presenting itself, as it comes in a fancy suitcase that will make you look like a professional in the field.

Besides the appealing look, the suitcase offers more benefits, like protecting the pieces inside.

Also, due to the handle included, you’ll have the opportunity to take the scale with you wherever you go. Additionally, the scale comes with multiple accessories, like a powder pan.

How do you use this scale? Well, it offers four measurement options: grains, grams, ounces, and even carats. Every one of those settings works with high accuracy, delivering the results you need.

If you like diversity, then this scale is the one for you. By featuring a 3-point calibration system, and different measurement settings, you’ll be able to get accurate readings in grains, grams, ounces, or carats. Also, the stability indicator is good, delivering precision even down to 0.1 grain.


  • Briefcase design makes the scale a portable device
  • Proper protection to keep everything inside secured
  • Recalibrating the scale doesn’t take much time


  • Unfortunately, you’ll be recalibrating this scale far too often, because it slides off easily

Bottom Line

With a fancy briefcase-like design, this scale places itself among the best in ours, and many other’s lists. It delivers results with high accuracy while being easy to carry around, making it a comfortable tool that reloaders could use when they move between places regularly.


4. Hornady 050108 Digital Scale

Hornady 050108 Digital Scale
Hornady 050108 Digital Scale

If you didn’t like the previous picks because of their design, here’s an option more suitable for you. It is a beautiful digital scale with a 1,500 grains capacity.

This device fits most workbenches and, since it has a plug with different modes, you will be able to connect the scale to most sockets.

The LCD display is quite large, making it easier to read. Due to the lit screen, you shouldn’t have any problem reading the numbers, even when working at night.

As for the precision, the scale provides a one-tenth of a grain measurement. You get to use it for bullets, powder, cases, and more.

Other than the scale, you also receive many helpful tools with this purchase. Some of them are calipers, micrometers, and many more. Overall, it is a complete digital reloading scale that comes with as many accessories as you may possibly need.

Reloaders looking for a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use digital scale would do well considering this option. It is an excellent alternative that consumes barely any space on the workbench while providing great results.


  • Option to plug into most sockets
  • Large LCD display
  • Includes accessories for measurement


  • Setting the scale to zero could be tricky
  • High sensitivity, much to our displeasure; even a breeze can affect the weight measurement

Bottom Line

Getting this reloading scale guarantees you’ll have a reliable tool for powder measurement at your disposal. It does have its flaws, but after identifying them in our previous section, you’ll be able to sort them out.


5. Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale 7750700

Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale
Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale

While the other scales try their best to offer innovative and fancy features, our final pick is an alternative that relies on simplicity more than anything else.

Just by looking at it, you’ll notice this pick is a worthy alternative; it is affordable, efficient, and it won’t give you trouble while you use it.

Despite its simple looks, this scale offers a high measuring capacity, going as high as 1,500 grains. Its shape is similar to the Hornedy scale, but the color design is different; while that other tool is red, this one is all black.

Purchasing this scale may not give you as many accessories as the other alternatives, but it does come with the complete set of pieces for a successful measurement task. Of course, that includes the powder pan and a cover to protect the accuracy of your results by keeping air currents out.

It is surprising how accurate this device can be, even when its structure is not as sophisticated as what we’ve seen in other scales. This tool doesn’t go to extreme lengths trying to prove something. Instead, it sticks to the basics, which is providing a measurement tool for the powder.

If you’re tired of dealing with inaccurate measurements, then this tool is the one that comes to save the day. The addition of a cover to keep the air currents away is a great decision by the manufacturer, as it allows the scale to deliver results with high precision.


  • High measurement capacity
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Cover to keep air currents from interfering in the measurement
  • Affordable


  • Not durable; after some time, recalibrating the scale is almost impossible

Bottom Line

Although simple, our final scale meets the main purpose of why we use these tools in the first place: to measure powder amounts.


Things to Consider before Buying The Right Digital Scale For Reloading

The following elements are part of the considerations you must keep in mind while buying your ideal reloading scale. On top of these, other factors may have an impact on your decision, but here we’ll focus on the most important ones:

  • The Scale Type

digital vs mechanical reloading scale
digital vs mechanical reloading scale

First and foremost, you have to figure out which type of scale you need. In case you weren’t aware, there are two types, which are the digital and the mechanical reloading scales, often known as a balance beam.

During our reviews, we’ve discussed mostly digital scales, but you should know the differences between the two either way.

The digital scale is, without a doubt, easier to use. It is an automatic device that reduces plenty of hard work for you. As a downside, these scales require a power source to operate. Mechanical scales, on the other hand, don’t need it. Nonetheless, they are harder to operate.

  • Capacity

The reloading scale capacity is yet another feature that you should keep in mind while buying one of those tools. Regardless of how much powder you handle regularly, the possibility of working with large quantities is always quite pleasant.

Now, the capacity of each scale may vary depending on the brand, but you’ll notice most of them fall between the same range. Some devices have a capacity for up to 1,500 grains! Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good, as there are many more features that you should consider.

  • Sensitivity

The purpose of these tools is to give us an accurate grain measurement for the cartridges, and you can’t have that if the scales don’t deliver a quick response. Again, the sensitivity is yet another feature that varies between scale models, but there’s one way for you to know which one works best.

You’ll have picked a scale with good sensitivity if it delivers a grain inaccuracy of 1/10. If the tool is capable of providing those results, you’ll know that it won’t fail you in the future. It is an easy method to sort out through the many digital scale alternatives to find the one you need.

  • Durability

Every time we invest in something, we want that purchase to last for a long time. When it comes to reloading scales, there are many more reasons why you want them to have higher durability.

Whether you practice at the range, or you’re out for a trip, having durable reloading tools will come in handy because they will withstand the amount of pressure you put them through.

The last thing you want to have is a malfunctioning reloading tool, as it could become a big risk.

  • Price

After talking about their durability, it is fair we discussed the price of the reloading scales. You’ll find many options available at different price ranges, as you probably noticed from our reviews.

Regardless, you should know that, just like there are highly expensive scales, you’ll also find some available at affordable prices.

Even though they probably can’t compare in terms of quality, a cheap reloading scale could be as useful as one of the most expensive ones. Beginners don’t have to spend too much money on this equipment unless they’re completely serious reloading is what they want to do.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding digital reloading scales:

Why should I have a reloading scale?

You should have it because the reloading scale is an essential tool for reloading ammunition. It is a highly accurate measuring tool to keep track of how much powder every cartridge needs.

Can the reloading scale measure any other thing besides powder?

These scales are quite versatile, and they will allow you to measure pretty much anything, in all honesty. But then again, these tools must be used to measure the charging powder only.

Is the digital reloading scale better than the mechanical?

It depends; if you want the ease of use, go for the digital scale. For more convenience, since they don’t require a power source, go for a mechanical scale instead.

Is the digital reloading scale accurate?

The tool is surprisingly accurate. It will allow you to keep track of the powder amount even to the lowest, that being 0.01 grains.

How to maintain a reloading scale?

As with any other tool, the reloading scale needs maintenance to operate at a good level. To prevent issues, you must store the reloading scale in a secured location, away from elements like water that may ruin it.

Also, make sure to clean it after using it. You can do it with a dry paper towel combined with a small amount of soap and water mixture.


Final Verdict

More than a piece of fancy equipment, digital reloading scale is an incredible tool to make the most out of your reloading experience. It will give you accurate data to reload the ammunition at a precise level, which is not only pleasant but also safer when you’re using your new cartridges.

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