Top 5 Best Case Prep Center Reviews (2018) – Buyer’s Guide

best case prep centerLong gone are those days when hunters had to depend on rocks and sticks to reload their guns. It’s 2018 and you can have a case prep center to let your prep glide smoothly through the barrel.

A good quality case prep center is really a perfect tool preparing your rifle brass to be reloaded. It is really necessary to clean, trim, resize, and case prep for the optimum result.

However, there are so many case prep stations in the market and finding one right pick is a hard nut to crack.

To give you a hand, we’ve done a research on the best case prep center of the market. In addition, we’ve backed it up with a comprehensive buyer’s guide that will make your buying decision easy.

Let’s get going and figure them out.


What is case prep center?

The case is an obligatory part to set the bullet on your rifle. And during every reloading, it is required to clean, resize, and make ready for the powder, primer, and finally projectile. Generally, you need several tools to do these tasks. But, it may is a difficult and lengthy process.

Case prep center is the perfect and the best tool for preparing the rifle brass perfectly and quickly. Just after using this tool, the case is ready to welcome gunpowder, primer, and you are ready to reload.


Top 5 Best Case Prep Center Reviews 2018


#1.Lyman 6702203 Case Prep Xpress 115V 7810220

Welcome to the first ranked pick of the list. You might be interested in why it’s the crown winner. Well, let’s see its amazing features which make it as the best case prep center.

Product Overview

Lyman case prep xpressLyman is a famous name as case prep center manufacturer. They have an age-long brand history with number of popular stations in market.

But this Lyman 6702203 we’re talking about, is one of the best that they’ve introduced till date.


This item is perfect for 5 different cases. The set includes a Inside Deburr tool, a Primer Pocket Uniformer, a Primer Pocket Reamer &  a Primer Pocket Cleaner etc. The operations of these tools are to, remove excess brass from trip cases, uniform primer depth, remove rough metal edges and military crimps and so on.

When a single case prep center is enough to prep such numbers of cases, it surely worth the bucks.

If you’ve been in hunting, you might know how important it is to keep the prep station standby. Lyman 6702203 has got a screw-adjustment system that lets it do so.

Benefit? Well, you can keep it stationary as you need, just by screwing it up. And vice versa.

Those tiny brasses that deposits on the surface of your station might annoy you. Thankfully, this model from Lyman comes with a set of essential tools to wipe them out. Even, cleaning the dump pan comes to be very handy with the fine metal brush that’s included in the set.

As you know, perfectly resizing the case is the pre-requirement of perfect adjustment to the primer. On that note, the machine is powered by high torque motor that can boost up the process maintaining top-notch accuracy. On top of that, this trimming tool is made of high-quality metal which promises years of durability.


  • Suitable for 5 different cases prep
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with all necessary tools
  • Chamfering capability is really great


  • Produce some noise while running


#2. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

This item is really good in quality and the tool is really appreciable when the question about adjustability. Performance of this tool is comparable to the previous one.

Product Overview

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case trimmer & prepReally, this Frankford Arsenal is the strong competitor of high-quality case prep stations. Trimming performance is exceptional and quickly done. Does the machine able to fulfill your other expectations? Let’s see.

It can trim the cases at any length. So, there will be no problem whether working with .17 Remington or even high-powered trimming. You know, you need to trim your brass at different angle beside trimming straight. The tool let you to do so. Really, you’ll get perfect trimming effect with the station.

The station comes with various tools and accessories and that is why you never need any extra accessory. The case prep center comes with a high-speed trimmer, different sizes case shoulder bushings, chamfer tool, deburr tool, pocket cleaner, and case body collects. You are ready to clean rough edge, removing extra brasses, and finally for perfect preparation.  3 output shafts of this kit compatible with various types of case trimming accessories.

What are the construction materials and what about durability?

High-grade steel and aluminium are used to construct the machine. We are sure that it can deliver long-lasting service. Cutters of the station are made with durable and ultra-hard steel which remains ultra-sharp even after a thousand round trimming. In a word, the machine is ready to give you exceptional trimming experience. Are you ready?


  • Easy operation.
  • Ultra sharp cutters can deliver the quick result.
  • Long lasting cutters.
  • Doesn’t need any shell holders.
  • Suitable for 8-32 thread accessories.


  • Takes time to become used to

#3. RCBS 90375 Trim Mate Case Prep Center

Almost all of us are acquainted with the name RCBS. This product is another sign of high-quality product of the manufacturer. RCBS is the alternative name of best case prep station. Especially this model is very popular. Let’s find out the reason for its popularity.

Product Overview

Rcbs trim mate case prep systemThis is the item that comes to prepare cases 5 times faster and easier. You will never find few stations in the market that can give you a smooth and quick result better than RCBS 90375.

Well, the machine gives you better stability during work as it has holes on the base. To make it stable, adjust the machine with any sturdy station with screws. When you need to move it, just unscrew and move.

This case prep station comes with small and large primer pocket brushes as well as chamfering and deburring tools. Not only that, it comes with almost all necessary items such as small and medium case neck brushes, dry case neck tube. It means you don’t need any extra tools to prepare your rifle brass.

The tool gives you the opportunity case prep and trimming at the same time. It also allows you to trim the cases at different angles. Finally, you will get the optimum result as your expectation.

Its accessories make the item more versatile. The reason is, from the cleaning of primer pocket to last step deburring and chamfering you never need to go anywhere for any task. It lets you to do all the procedures.

RCBS 90375 is compatible with .50 Beowulf cases and some different military shells. It is really a perfect station when you have various types of brass. Are you ready to prepare your all brasses?


  • Rotating heads let you different angle trimming.
  • Highest quality materials are used for long lasting service.
  • Trimming and case prep at the same time.
  • Comes with almost all necessary tools.


  • The crimping tool is not included

#4. Hornady 050160 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Trio

This item is the USA made and its performance, functional quality, materials quality make it one of the best case prep station. The machine is only for the users who want a very high-quality case prep station.

Product Overview

Hornady 050160 lock n load case prep trioThe item comes with powerful function, sturdy design, and you can get it at an affordable price. Its price is affordable but its function is superior. It is really perfect for you if you want to get the best case prep center for the money.

3 tools capacity case prep station is this but it can be used in various prepping purposes. The machine can be used to deburr, chamfer, and clean just using these 3 active tools. To do these tasks you never need to change any tools.

The manufacturer uses low-speed high torque motor which is perfect to prepare rifle brass quickly and precisely. This high-quality motor is committed to giving you 5 years service or even more.

There also have some spaces for extra accessories. You can easily store some extra tools that are not often used such as pocket cleaners, pocket reamers, and so on.

Both outside and inside deburr and chamfer tools come with the machine. One primer pocket cleaner also comes with the item and extend its functionality.

The machine is constructed with high-grade aluminium and its structure is really compact and attractive. This is really an excellent tool for case prep, trimming, and removing crimps. With the item, you can do the tasks easily but perfectly. Now the decision is yours whether you really need it or not?


  • Easy to use.
  • It has onboard space for the storage of accessory tools.
  • Powerful motor does the tasks precisely and quickly.
  • Durable aluminium casing.
  • Chamfering, deburring, and cleaning can be done without changing tools.


  • More accessory tools are needed.

#5. Hornady 050012 Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center, 110 Volt

This is the final product of this list but this item is the strong competitor of other best case prep center in this time. It comes with complete package and ready to use.

Product Overview

Hornady cam lock case prepThe item is widely acquainted for its innovation and versatility. It is compatible with various types of cases and able to deliver excellent performance. Producing fine and accurate result is the special property of this tool. It is engineered in a way as it can give you the service which exactly you expect.

This works excellently in trimming. The micro-adjustable trimmer is attached to the machine that can able to trim 0.001”. Not only that, you will able to trim almost every caliber from ¾ inch to 3 ¼ inches. That means you get only that which you need.

The cleaning procedure is also easy with the fine metal shavings. It comes with almost all necessary items as like chamfer tool, deburr tool, power trimmer, neck brushes, and primer pocket cleaner. If you need any item you can also purchase them separately such as primer pocket reamers, other deburr tools, primer pocket uniformer, etc. But you know well, these tools are not often used.

Product quality greatly depends on its construction materials. Doesn’t it? So, high construction materials should be used. What about Lock n Load construction materials? It is constructed with high-grade steel. So, there is no question about the quality and surely it will give long lasting service also.

Size of it is little bit bigger than the other typical case prep station but it is more versatile than the others also. It can introduce you to the new reloading experience but purchase decision is solely in your hand.


  • Various tools are supplied with the tool.
  • Adjustable cutter is perfect for sizing precisely.
  • Durable construction.


  • Some necessary tools need to buy separately


 Factors To Consider While Buying Case Prep Station

Not only for a case prep center, you should also consider some factors before purchasing any product. You should be more alert when the product is  case prep center since you expect perfect prepping from it.

Size and weight

There is a deep relation between the power and size. The bigger in size the more powerful the case prep station. But, when it is larger it is also heavier in weight. When it becomes heavier, it is also little difficult to control it. Don’t forget about the balance. A wise decision is to pick the moderate size.

Tools and accessories

You never buy a case prep station for only trimming or cleaning. You need to do all tasks related to case prep. So, you need various tools and accessories. It is important to choose the one which comes with various accessories. Some of the accessories are not often used and you don’t need them always. But, look for the chamfer and deburr tool, pocket cleaner, neck brushes. It’s better if more are included with the product.

Motor power

Think, you have all the accessories and even you have more but your device is weak. Does the device able to deliver precise result? Never. So, motor power is an important factor of course. A high torque motor is highly preferable.

Way of cleaning

A good quality device always let you clean it easily, isn’t it? After trimming and cleaning the cases the case prep station needs to clean. A good station always accepts easy mechanism of metal shavings. So, look at its maintenance system.

Expansion capacity

The opportunity to get various attachments is a great question. Does the device allow various accessories? Will it become compatible when you will be a heavy user?

Ease of use

You need to prepare your brass within a short time in reloading purpose. The machine is also made for saving time. But, if the using mechanism becomes difficult then how you prepare brass quickly? The reason the device needed to be ease of use.


You always want to hold anything comfortably. So, it’s better to choose the one which comes with a comfortable handle and equipped with a comfortable grip.


All the case prep stations are not for the same job. Some of them are made for light-duty reloading and others are compatible with heavy-duty reloading. What type of tasks you need to do now that is important but the most important is to think about the upcoming tasks. Select that one which will be perfect for present and future tasks.


Always try to opt that item which can perform multitask at a time. Does the machine only capable for chamfering or only for deburring? Choose the best one which can deburr, chamfer, trim, and other related tasks simultaneously.


Top case prep center Brands

  • Lyman

The manufacturer “Lyman” is the name of trust and faith. Their goal is to stay in the superior position as a case prep center manufacturer and they made it. They are always highly concern about the users complain and retailer suggestions. That is the reason for the superior quality of their product.

  • Hornady

This brand always believes in quality. They also believe high-quality construction materials can make a product highest in quality. As this is why you will find high-quality materials on their products. And the brand is widely known as powerful case prep center.

  • RCBS

The brand always tries to produce the versatile and innovative product. They always maintain product quality and easy operation. Their case prep centers are the ideal tools for the brass prepping projects.

  • Frankford

When you expect maximum comfort and adjustability from a case prep station, the first choice should be Frankford. They are also widely known for offering various accessories with the product and durable cutters. This is really an excellent case prep station manufacturer.


How to Use a case prep center

As you know using of a case prep center is not the same procedure in different machine. But, we are going to write the basic mechanism and hopefully, it can help you a lot.

  • The first step is to sort your brass. You don’t do this step when you have the new brass. But, you need to sort it further. Depending on the different caliber, headstamps, and quality you can sort your brass. But, it’s better to not sort which are cracked, damaged primer pocket, or sign of other problems.
  • Secondly, you should clean the primer pocket. It really depends on what types of bullet you used. Some bullets do not require cleaning but the best to clean the primer pocket.
  • Thirdly, it is really important to clean your brass. This step disallows carbon buildup and you will feel using the new brass.
  • Then, you are ready to trimming and sizing of the brass. After adjusting the headspace of brass, the length is also adjusted. Trimming depends on the sizing of your brass whether it needs to trim or not. It is required to keep the bullet within the space. It does not require trimming all brass. So you need to measure where you need to trim exactly.
  • The final step is to use the chamfer and deburr tool. These tools are used to take off the irregular edges. This step helps you to seat bullet better and chamfer properly in your rifle.


Frequently Asked Question


 How much accessories do I need?

It depends on your tasks. Generally, you need to have some accessories such as the deburr tool, chamfer tool, pocket cleaner, and neck brushes. It is your great advantage if an item comes with more tools. But, be confirmed the primary accessories come with the product.

Which is the best case prep station?

It’s really hard to tell. But, you always can get some best case prep device from some renowned manufacturer such as Lyman, Frankford, RCBS, and Hornady.

High-speed motor or low-speed motor, which one is better?

Remember, you never need to do too much work for the preparation of your brass. All the tasks are usually light. So, the low-speed motor is preferable but, avoid low torque motor.

What factors you should consider before buying?

There are many factors that need to consider but never forget to look motor power, versatility, use mechanism, and supplied tools and accessories.

What are the durable materials?

High-grade aluminium and high-grade steel are the durable materials for the station. Look for the construction material which is used to build the device.



It is important to have a good quality case prep center for the case preparation. But, it is also important to know how to use the machine properly. Knowing the using guide means you are fully safe from it and you are ready to prepare your rifle brass perfectly.

Here, we provide you 5 different case prep stations and all of them are up to the quality. Each of them is a competitor of each other but it’s really hard to find another case prep device at this price with the same quality. Having anyone of this list means you have the best case prep center really.

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